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by admin on June 6, 2012

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So the WWDC 2012 event is around the corner, and speculations and rumors are at their peak. While it is now confirmed that no hardware upgrades for the iPhone will be coming this season, many tech. enthusiasts are expecting glimpse of Apple’s said iOS 6, which will be launched for public any time later this year! WWDC 2012, which starts next Monday, June 11 ‘2012 will be a five-day event featuring Apple’s upcoming ventures and updates. The event which basically targets app developers for both, iOS and Macintosh is the present-day trend across social networking sites as well.


Last week we saw a totally dedicated app for the WWDC 2012 from Apple. This week we can see the WWDC 2012 event banners going up at Moscone. Like every year, the event marks extreme excitement for developers all across the world. If you are not able to attend the event this year, rest assured as we will be featuring the whole event on Gadgec, along with a live ticker, videos and photographs from our  friends there in San Francisco. The slogan for the event remains – “Where great ideas go on to do great things“. As we earlier said, no iOS hardware update will be featured in this event, though we can expect the iOS 6 featuring a lot of new fancy stuff.

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Another thing which is being brought into light is the Facebook integration which can be expected in the next iOS 6. Well, we’ll just have to wait until Monday when the WWDC 2012 kick starts, to get a clearer and sharper image.

WWDC 2012 Hardware Upgrades:

Considering the hardware updates, we are expecting upgrades to iMac, and MacBooks. Considering specifically the past record of WWDC events, which has been disappointing for many, we are just hoping that it is not the iOS 6 this time! The WWDC 2011 event was seen featuring the iOS 5 last year, and that is probably why iOS 6 is being expected in this event.

The WWDC 2012 event will also be seen featuring a major firmware upgrade for the Apple TV, where our sources report that the upgrade will finally bring the App Store support to Apple TV. Also, Apple could be seen discontinuing the support of Google Maps since reports confirm that the iOS 6 will come along Apple’s own integrated maps.


WWDC 2012 iOS App:

The latest news comes from our friends at 9To5Mac which report addition of Siri feature to the new iPad. If you are an attendee and wish to download the WWDC 2012 app, you can download it from here directly. [iTunes Link].

While the schedule for the event is only accessible by actual attendees, you can check it here. [Attendees Sign In].

The WWDC 2012 event starts on June 11 ‘2012, and will go through June 15 ‘2012. Subscribe now to keep yourself updated with the event news!


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