WWDC 2012 Event Live – Where To Watch?

by admin on June 10, 2012

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So we are finally set to get our hands on some really crispy Apple news tomorrow, i.e, during the WWDC 2012 event LIVE! Now we know what to expect from the WWDC 2012 event, San Francisco. While our team has been keeping an eye on any prior news regarding the event, we are excited to see what all Apple has in store for us this time. The WWDC events are famous for the software/hardware announcements, and major press releases made during the event. Unfortunately, we are not going to witness any iOS hardware upgrade this time. However, we are equally excited to review the iOS 6 which will be seen flaunting off in the event, in San Francisco. The event starts on June 11 ‘2012, 9:30AM EDT, and will be a five-day round-up, ie it will go through June 15 ‘2012. WWDC 2012 has kept Apple developers in high spirits through-out this month.


WWDC 2012 Event Live on Gadgec:

The hardware upgrades include updates to MacBooks and iMacs. We will be covering the 5-day WWDC 2012 event live on Gadgec with a ticker, images and videos from our sources back in San Francisco. Last week we saw banners lifted up in Moscone Center, San Francisco. Also, we saw a dedicated iOS app for attendees in the App Store. Seems like this WWDC 2012 event is going to be fun, and we don’t really want you to miss it out!

wwdc 2012 event live

We will be live blogging, with the best and latest of photographs, keynotes and major announcements here on our blog (Yes, we are finally trying to do that this time!). Until then, you might just want to bookmark the following websites which will be broadcasting or live blogging the event as well:


Watch WWDC 2012 Event Live:

1. Engadget:

Engadget has been my favorite event blogger since ever, and I love it simply because of its minute-to-minute updating policy. In the recent events, Apple did not allow live video shooting of the event, and at that time Engadget was seen updating its live blog with second-to-second updates.

2. The Verge:

Another reputed technology website, The Verge also provides live blogging format for special events. The link would be active few hours prior to the event.

3. Gizmodo:

Gizmodo has started reporting events live recently. You can try this source for optimum quality updates and news.

4. The 4Cast:

This is altogether a new live-media blog which aims at covering technology events live. Their team is currently in San Francisco to cover the WWDC 2012 event  live.

For any further updates and news, stay tuned to Gadgec!


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