Why You Need Different Routines for the Week and the Weekend

by admin on March 15, 2015

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Daily routines are hard to create, but they’re worth it because they keep a complex life in order. Structuring everything is possible, but it’s important to take into account both variable and invariable items. Unstructured tasks are best left for the weekend, when your difficult, structured tasks are complete. Time is more liquid on the weekend, letting you deal with the unexpected.

During the week, eat your frogs, meaning handle the most daunting projects. This is a tip from Mark Twain that a lot of professionals still heed. Create strict routines and get your carefully-timed tasks over with. On the weekend, keep a flexible “To Do” list that doesn’t have any deadlines. Also, prep for the following week. This can mean writing down your work schedule, cooking meals, getting all of your cleaning over with, scheduling newsletters, and finishing your grocery shopping.

If you’re self-employed, that means you’re probably 100% in charge of your schedule. To be more efficient, run errands when everyone else is work. By getting your laundry done on a Monday morning instead of a Saturday afternoon, for example, you’ll get through it faster because the laundromat will be empty. On the weekend, get some work done when people aren’t bogging you down with phone calls and e-mails.

Try to front-load your days, weeks, and months. Get your highest priority tasks over with first: at the beginning of the day, during the first two days of the week, and during the first week of every month. You’ll free up a bunch of mental energy if you don’t have work items hanging over your head. When you don’t have other tasks taking up your thought processes, you’ll be able to focus on whatever you’re working on.

Don’t work every weekend. If you’re self-employed or are able to work from home, it’s tempting to work whenever you can. Making sure you have time to unwind and rejuvenate is important, though. If you have a creative career, work inspiration has to come from somewhere, and it will often come from life if you give yourself the chance to live it.

Keeping a routine, even one that’s strict, doesn’t mean you’re not flexible. Instead, it means that you get what you need to do over with so that you can be spontaneous the rest of the time. The truth is, there’s no way to not handle those must-do items, no matter how tedious or lengthy they are. For more business solutions, check out Konica Minolta online.

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