WeChat Is Another WhatsApp Like Messenger For SmartPhones

by admin on December 14, 2012

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Have you been looking for a WhatsApp Messenger alternate recently, and still waiting for the right choice? Well, seems like we have just the right app you needed. WeChat is another instant messaging, file sharing, and apparently video chatting application recently launched which claims to offer a better functionality and user experience as compared to our favorite WhatsApp Messenger. The app which offers some of the similar functions as WhatsApp does has become favorite of a lot of users in a really short time. Here’s more, right after the jump.



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A New Instant Messenger For Multiple Platforms

The app or WhatsApp Messenger alternative,  available for multiple platforms namely Apple’s iOS, Android, Windows Phone OS, Symbian and surprisingly desktop as well is the all new instant messaging, and video chatting application compatible with your favorite operating system, unfortunately not with BlackBerry OS. We took some hours off work all this while, and tried out the new WeChat app on multiple platforms, and here’s our review.

To start with the app brings a really nice and clutter free interface when you first launch the application. It asks you to sign up for the service, and once done you can use all its features. It comes handy with an automatic friend finder, and finds the people using WeChat Messenger from within your contact list. Apart from that, you can easily invite other people to use it by sharing it on social networking websites, or by sending out SMS. To add other people, you can also use integrated QR Code scanning technology. All you need to do is point your phone camera towards their QR Codes and they will be added to your list.


WeChat lets you send instant messages, photographs, audio recordings, emoticons and even lets you start a video chat with your friends. The video chat functionality surely makes it different from the good old WhatsApp Messenger. Well, that’s not all which is different with WeChat. The best functionality of WeChat is that it is able to find random people near you. You can set the search radius and the app will use your geographic location to find people using WeChat within your specified radius. Well, now that’s something interesting and new. The shake to search functionality can search random people using WeChat messenger from all over the world.

You can upload your contact picture, share photographs on a Facebook wall like platform known as Moments in WeChat messenger. You can set your account privacy accordingly and add random people in no time. The app is perfect for those who have a lot of free time and believe in socializing with new and random people. There’s an official WeChat account automatically added to your contact list which can be used in case you need some help or wish to report an issue. We liked the Web WeChat functionality, which lets you socialize with your friends even if you don’t have a smartphone.


As mentioned earlier, the app is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone OS and Symbian mobile platforms, and can be downloaded from WeChat’s official website using the link given below.

[Download WeChat Messenger]

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