Best Ways To Get A Good Alexa Ranking Within Days

by admin on December 30, 2013

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With over a million blogs which are born every day, the competition a new blogger will be facing is immense. Thanks to web statistic marking tools and services like Google’s PageRank and Alexa, we can now categorize web blogs according to their actual worth, both in terms of quality content and general traffic. While the formula to get a good Google PageRank is still a mystery to man, you can still follow some easy and best ways to get a good Alexa ranking within days of starting a new blog. After Google’s PR, Alexa ranking seems to be the most looked out for statistics, for a blog online which help rate a blog for advertisement or other business purposes. The rule is simple and straight- The lower the Alexa ranking of your blog, the better it’s value across the internet, and the higher the Google PR of your blog, the better is its reputation online. While there are some bloggers who don’t really consider Alexa ranking to be a sure-shot way to rank blogs online, probably due to the plethora of conditions it checks your blog for, like blog visited by Males or Females etc, and then ranks your blog accordingly. Never mind, in case you are one of the new bloggers looking out for ways to improve your blog’s Alexa ranking, this article is just the right content you need at the moment. Here’s a list of best ways to get a good Alexa ranking within days, right after the jump below!


best ways to improve alexa rank

How To Get A Good Alexa Ranking Within Days

One thing needs to be noted here, i.e Alexa rank for a blog changes every other day, i.e the changes taking place on your blog majorly affect the Alexa rank that it will take in future. Here are simple ways to improve Alexa ranking of your blog within days.

# Install Alexa Widget On Your Blog:

The first and foremost step is to add the official Alexa badge on your blog. It’s a proven way to improve your blog’s Alexa ranking online, and a number of webmasters claim to have witnessed improve in Alexa ranking after they placed the Alexa widget on their blog.

# Install Alexa ToolBar:

Alexa apparently reports only the hits which are passed through their systems, i.e you need to install Alexa toolbar on your blog, so that the number of times you visit your blog are actually counted. That’s not the real solution, instead, ask your visitors to install Alexa Toolbar Sparky so that their hits actually make a difference.

It’s a fact that blogs having technology as a primary niche will have a better Alexa rank as compared to a blog of some other niche because probability of visitors with Alexa toolbar installed is greater in case of a technology blog!.

# Write A Review About Alexa, And Ask Visitors To Rate Your Blog:

Alexa allows people to actually rate and review your blog at their database. You can ask your blog visitors to rate and review your blog before leaving, which should greatly impact the Alexa ranking of your blog.

# Write Quality Content, Update Your Blog Regularly:

Nothing matches the power of high quality content, that generates high quality backlinks, and this improve both, the Google PR and Alexa rank as well. The first step is to maintain a blog updating frequency, to keep your blog going with a flow.

Lastly, the get bloggers to visit your blog, rate and review it as well. Bloggers are most handy, when it comes to Alexa toolbars and widgets, and you can expect them to be the most active audience of Alexa itself, so more the bloggers visit your blog, better will be your Alexa ranking within days. Alexa ranks can jump lakh of rank within a day itself if you keep in mind all these points.


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