Unspoken Facts about Car Valuation in India

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In a much-hyped market scenario like India, the term ‘car valuation’ is certainly a much spelt one. However being candid, the bitter fact is that no one is sweet enough to tell the right amount your car deserves. It is the duty of the owner to stay confident about his/her techniques of how air control my devices. Anyway, we can suggest you some of the delivering ways on car valuation aspect; now it’s your duty to work on them and make the pocket heavier.


Neglects cost how much:

There are some interesting statistics available those loudly convey the importance of maintaining the car in good condition to expect the right value.

    According to the analysts, about twenty percent of the price is cut by the agents/traders upon finding the interior and exterior in not so good condition. A good outer/inner body means the car should look only about six months old though it is much older according to the documents.

    About ten percent of the set price is scrapped upon finding the decorating stuff not available in perfect condition. Hence it is advised to put minimal fancy items, and to maintain them in perfect avatar till the very last day comes. 

    Regarding performance, engine and gears are the major issues; but, upon finding the brakes or shock absorbers in not a very satisfactory condition, your values get declined by more than twenty percent. Hence, they say it right; the better maintenance is directly proportional to the ultimate value.

Depreciation rates:

Calculating depreciation value is one of the most recommended ways of estimating the true value of your car in India. In general, most of the car value manipulators you know consider seven to ten percent of the gross value as the depreciation value, and in most cases the value goes to their pocket. Hence, if you manage to show them the initial value ten percent more than the actual, you can always cover up the depreciation amount.

If the car is going for a third hand after a year of second term usage, then the depreciation value is calculated twice as of the above order.

The unnoticed distance:

The total distance covered by a vehicle also matters much in determining the ultimate price. On this context, it is crucial that you convey well the gap between the registration date and the date you got ands-on with the vehicle. It is important as they count each month while abating the price of your car.

It is always recommended to replace the parts as of the same brand it was original with. Any deviation in brand quality as of the inception leads to squeezed value ultimately.

Old cars value more:

Consulting the financial agencies, like the banks is always a wise way of estimating the right value of your car. Remember, these financial organisations charge three to four percent more in comparison to a fresh one. Hence, through the total charging amount it is easy for someone to guess the value of a car. However, these financial agencies mostly prefer the cars of three years or less old. Be it the banks or the non-banking corporations, the statistics are pretty much as of the above.

Stick to the parent source:

If you can’t handle things yourself, there are the professional organisations available to take care of the entire issues. In general, these organisations accept cars of car manufacturing company they belong to. You can go through the online car traders, like IBB traders to estimate the most appropriate value for your car. 

The advantage of going to the dealers of the parent company is that they can help you in arranging the ownership documents (if you are missing any). You simply have to deposit the identity proofs. However, the final value in your favour is also expected to get scrapped through the process

Ensure zero scratches:

It is important for an owner to keep the proof of zero damage through the tenure of his/her ownership. The fact is that for a flawless vehicle as of above, the dealers offer about six months warranty to the customers. Naturally, a much biddable price is expected from them. If you are missing this, and the dealer finds the car is actually in a good condition, he claims the warranty without paying you the extra amount.

.The whole compilation makes it evident that being a little responsible can pay good value for your car.

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