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by admin on June 8, 2012

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Have you ever wanted to identify the person using a specific mobile number? I myself receive a lot of calls from numbers which appear un-known to me. At times, we just need to know the name of the person who is using that number. Now we have a free app for our smartphones which tells us exactly who is using that particular mobile number. One thing good about it is, that it is not limited to a geographical location. The app works well for all numbers, anywhere in the world.


TrueCaller is free app for smart-phones, which looks up its database to display the name of the person using that particular mobile number. The app is available for all major mobile platforms which include Windows, iOS, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry as well, all free of cost. A demo of what the app actually does can be seen on the official website of TrueCaller.


If you are wondering how the number look-up is made possible, here is the deal. TrueCaller when installed on your device, asks you to switch on its Enhanced Search feature. This feature uploads your own contacts to TrueCallers database. Thus, the database keeps growing virally, and number lookup is made possible easily. Here is a demo of TruCaller, running on Apple iPhone. You can download TrueCaller from the download link below.

[Download TrueCaller]

TrueCaller- Demo:


truecaller- apple



 TrueCaller works flawlessly on all other mobile operating systems as well. In short, TrueCaller is creating a standard universal database where number lookup is made free of cost. Thus, the more the people start using it, the better will be the efficiency of search using TrueCaller. Further, apart from number lookup, TrueCaller also provides blacklisting services in case you don’t wish to receive calls or SMS from as specific mobile number.


You can also download TrueCaller by visiting from your mobile browser and then clicking on the Download button there.

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