November 17 ‘2012- An Uncertain Traffic Fall All Across Gadgec

by admin on November 18, 2012

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Okay, so something seriously uncertain, or call it un-identified by our engineers is happening all over Gadgec. The day was going absolutely perfect, breaking all previous records and suddenly a stream of traffic fall is observed for few hours on our blog. Mostly these traffic dips are temporary, but surprisingly this fall has been consistent over the last 24-hours. What troubles our engineers is that there has been no Panda or Penguin update rolled out by Google in the last 24-hours, so this makes it clear that it’s not Google.


traffic fall november 17 2012

For the last 24-hours, we have been observing unusual traffic dips on our blog. The strange part is that all our high-ranking keywords are intact, and just the way they were earlier in Google’s search engine. We are still ranking on the first page for a good number of keywords, however the reasons behind this traffic depression is still un-known. The twisty part is that the traffic coming from Google Images has radically decreased.

Now since there was no Google update rolling out at the same time, we even checked our Webmaster Tools dashboard in case we were penalized, but fortunately, we are still running in a healthy state. The traffic dip seems to have stabilized, but the overall traffic coming to this blog via search engine has decreased by 25%, which makes quite a number. Our engineers are still working day and night to find the real cause of this depression. We have also requested a malware check for Gadgec to find out if users are getting redirected from search engines, which can be a reason for this traffic fall, since all our keywords are still ranking high.


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