Top 5 Technology Failures Of 2012 To End This Year

by admin on December 31, 2012

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So the year 2012 has finally come to an end, and no doubt this year has been the best when talking about the revolution in technology we witnessed this year. Some of the most awesome innovations in the field of technology are not always a success, in an era where smartphones are getting taller and tablets are getting shorter. My favorite of them are Samsung Galaxy Note I/II, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Apple EarPods, Google Nexus 7 and the list goes on and on. Apart from the never ending list, we have some of the worst technology fails with us, we can probably make you laugh or you can spend your time reading this but remember, always respect technology.


technology failures of 2012

1. Apple Maps:

 This was something unexpected from Apple, because they always exploded their sales with their ‘awesome’ products. Apple Maps looked beautiful, but isn’t designed for humans (irony) because Monuments were drowned into oceans, roads changed into mountains. I’m not sure if they made it for people’s convenience or to entertain their users.

2. Instagram Under Facebook:

Few months back when Facebook bought Instagram, the hype was so much that regular Facebook users started using Instagram and the response was good. Recently, Instagram updated their Terms and Services and announced that they can use user-pictures for commercials and advertisements. It is a kind of betrayal or whatever you call it, but I’ll consider it a fail because many users deleted their account including Kim Kardashian.

 3. Facebook IPO:

Facebook stock was a big move, but ended up with a disappointment to share holders as the price fell down which was unexpected to most of the buyers. The stock bounded up and the rate went as low as $18 in September’ 12. Most of the buyers put up the logic that everybody uses Facebook, and it will generate them money, but what they thought was a success, actually became the failure of 2012.

4. Microsoft pronounced as “Social” is a big fail of 2012, may be because it is very similar to Google+. Microsoft collaborated this concept from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We already are addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or may be Google+. It looks nice, but somehow has failed to collect the attention of the common man.

5. Airtime:

There was a lot of hype when Shawn Fanning (CEO, Napster) and Sean Parker were teasing about something new called “Airtime” will be launched. Geeks fell over to see what actually Airtime is, and they launched Airtime which was a similar concept as “Chatroulette”, another random web chat room. The video chat crashed a lot and did not give a big impact to the technology industry.


These were some epic failures in the field of technology for the year 2012. We hope 2013 brings to us a better world to live, and a whole new era of innovations in technology. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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