Top 5 Amazing Apps For Windows 8 You Must Try

by admin on August 11, 2012

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Microsoft is all set to unveil its next generation operating system for the PC, Windows 8 on October 26 ‘2012. While it is being claimed as the best OS for computers ever, we have had our hands on all its previous developer and consumer releases. So far, we are in love with it and for sure, it is an altogether new type of Windows, and not like the previous versions of Windows. Seems like Microsoft is bringing the OS for all possible devices, be it PC, Tablets or Mobile OS under a common framework, also know as the Metro layout. One cool feature of the Windows 8 is that like your mobile phone OS, it supports apps and has its own dedicated app store. If you have Windows 8 installed on your PC, you might just want to check these top 5 amazing apps for Windows 8. In case you don’t really have Windows 8 installed on your PC, doesn’t matter as the OS is coming out for general public in no time. Here you go!



1. WordPress


Well, the top app for Windows 8 remains WordPress. In case you’ve got your own blog, you can set this app up on your Windows 8 PC and after that you can just forget the online WordPress interface available for your blog. You can create, modify, and delete posts just the way you do online. Further, this app also lets you share photos, links and quotes from other blogs anytime you want to.

2. Ashampoo Image FX


A cool photo editor for Windows 8, which comes with handy tools and is easy to use. We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a picture edited with this app might just have a bit more worth. Not seriously, but this is one good useful utility for Windows 8 you just can’t miss.

3. Cut The Rope


After topping the charts on Apple’s App Store, and Google Play, the game is finally out for Windows 8 OS platform. One of the best, and light games that will keep you hooked, Cut The Rope is the game to go for.


4. Evernote


The amazing note-taking app is finally available for Windows 8 OS. The to-do and note-taking app is well appreciated for its performance on mobile devices as well as PC or Macs.

5. Elements Weather Forecast


It’s always nice to see the whole weather forecast right on your desktop screen, and Windows 8 metro layout makes it more fancy. Elements gives you a 7-day weather forecast, all detailed, and has a refresh time of 3-6 hours.

This was my list of top 5 amazing Windows 8 apps. Feel free to let us know which one is your favorite via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

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