Top 3 YouTube To Mp3 Online Downloaders

by admin on April 22, 2015

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We use YouTube for entertainment as well as business purposes now days, and who knew that a small video sharing community will grow out to become successful under the banner of none other than search engine giant- Google. Keeping that aside, one thing that most people dislike about YouTube is that it doesn’t give you any option to download the media, i.e videos and mp3 music onto your computer. You can just surf through the site, and get access to infinite videos but you cannot download the videos locally onto your computer or smartphone. Well, we always wanted to have a tool like YouTube to Mp3 online downloader that would just convert the video from YouTube into a download friendly format, and woosh! You could easily store it on your desktop, laptop or smartphones ever after. Well, we took a day off at Gadgec, to explore some of the best converters available online, and here we are. Here’s a list of top 3 YouTube to Mp3 online downloaders for downloading YouTube videos in HD format, or convert YouTube videos into MP3 format and download the audio file to your computer. While there are a lot many other tools serving the same purpose, we actually went ahead and checked download quality for each of them, and found 3 of the tools which are best for downloading YouTube videos and audio instantly. Here we go!



Top 3 YouTube To Mp3 Online Downloaders

Before we go ahead, just for the matter of words, downloading stuff from YouTube is yet not legal, so this tutorial consists information just for educational purpose and does not challenge policies of Google, YouTube or what-so-ever third party involved. Rest you are smart enough :)



One of the oldest surviving YouTube to MP3 online downloaders who is still in business, thanks to the supreme download quality they provide you with. Simply navigate to their official website using the URL below, and paste the YouTube video URL there as seen in the screenshot below. Then just click on Convert Video button and that’s it. You will get a download link within seconds, or minutes (depending upon your internet connection) and you can simply save the MP3 audio onto your computer or transfer it to your smartphone. Never mind, you can also log on to this website from your smartphone and follow the same process and download MP3 files directly to your smartphone as well.

youtube to mp3 online



Another amazing utility, not only lets you download MP3 format audios from YouTube videos, but also lets you select the audio and video format then and there. That’s right, the tool also lets you save the videos from YouTube and is able to convert it into a desirable file format like AVI, MP4, WMV, 3GP etc. You can also select audio format then and there, as it supports MP3, AAC, WMA and a lot more. Also, apart form pasting the YouTube video URL here, you can also search in the search box. The website has directly connected it’s search button to YouTube search for quick results and faster to mp3 online



Last but not the least, a fine online tool that depicts well built web-page, and an easy to use tool. FLVTO.COM has been online for a long time, and has been providing amazing YouTube to MP3 download experience for users worldwide. What makes it special is that it lets you choose the audio quality, and format for the download. Also, let’s you download YouTube videos directly in various video formats like FLV, WMV, MP4 etc. Simply copy and paste the URL of your favorite YouTube video in the search bar as seen below, and you are good to go!youtube to mp3 online


These were the best YouTube to MP3 online downloaders which you can use either from your computer, or your smartphone. We have specifically hand-picked these tools for you on the basis of their output quality. Have fun! Let us know your comments via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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