Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Use In 2013

by admin on January 18, 2013

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If you are here, then one thing is clear. Like us, you don’t believe in the 21 December ‘2012 termination or end of the world crap. Well, for sure it kills the excitement, but there’s still more to explore with each passing day, and here we are exploring the top 10 WordPress plugins you should use, in 2013. The year 2012 has specifically been a milestone in the field of technology, introducing to us the best of gadgets and technology, and trust me, 2013 is going to be a roller coaster ride! Coming back to WordPress, we are sure most of you reading this post are powerful WordPress users, and you wish to do something revolutionary things with your blog in 2013. But, did you know that a WordPress blog is incomplete without plugins? While some websites go for paid services and enterprise information technology services, you can go for the following plugins to enhance your online reputation.You don’t need to waste your time searching for the best plugins now! Here’s a list of top 10 WordPress plugins to use in 2013.

NOTE: Please note that some of the plugins listed below are paid objects. The article particularly depicts personal view, hence you are requested to carefully look into the details of product you are going to purchase. :)


Best WordPress Plugins To Use In 2013

This blog as you see, is powered by a couple of WordPress plugins, some of them being special. While we will be writing up an individual article publishing the list of plugins that power Gadgec, here are some best free and paid WordPress plugins you should use in 2013.


Search Engine Optimization to rank better and higher in search engines is the priority of almost all webmasters. WordPress SEO by Yoast is a perfect plugin for your blog, which is capable of virtually handling your blogs overall SEO. Further, it lets you have complete control over your blog by providing you with a dashboard where you can ‘nofollow’ external links, force WordPress to open links in new tab and much more. At your Post dashboard, it lets you add Meta Keywords, Title, Description and much more. This plugin is the second most downloaded plugin for WordPress in SEO category. The first one being All In One SEO plugin, but we don’t really recommend using it since at times it interferes with the working of your blog.


Want some additional powerful tools within your Post editor dashboard? Well, Ultimate TinyMCE is the plugin you should be looking out for. The small and easy to use plugin is capable of adding additional features like Tables, CSS importer etc. within your WordPress Post editor menu. You can first install the plugin, and then choose the options you would like to integrate with your Post editor from its Settings page. Apart from this, the plugin also gives you an all new image uploader with advanced options and settings.


As the name suggests, the plugin checks for broken links/URLs across your website after a particular time period specified by you. The plugin is really useful in combating search engine algorithm updates like Google Panda & Penguin Updates. Since Google checks for broken links across your blog, and accordingly ranks it in the search engine, the plugin is perfect to keep you updated with all the link activity throughout your blog. Apart from detecting broken links, the plugin also shows all redirects taking place throughout your blog. Further, you can un-link or redirect a broken URL within seconds with this powerful tool.


This is a wonderful plugin lets you create entry-level-popups on your blog or website. i.e, when a visitor visits your websites, the plugin will send out a popup box which will be fully customized by you. You can ask visitors to subscribe to your updates, like your Facebook page or even buy specific products using the popup message. Once thing we particularly like about this plugin is that it is capable of providing clutter free environment within the popup box and for sure, visitors won’t really feel offended by that. We tried out this plugin on one of our blogs where we asked visitors to subscribe to our Email updates, and this plugin tends to have increased our subscriber rate by 20%.


How can we forget the most popular plugin in the history of WordPress? ;) Akismet is an anti-spam plugin, complete within itself and has a flawless record over the past years for its ability to block spam comments and malicious user activity across your website. In case you don’t use an anti-spam technology on your blog, you would be welcomed with thousands of spam comments every day which of course will interfere with genuine comments on your blog posts. To combat all of this, try Akismet.


The native and default WordPress comment system is bland and boring. IntenseDebate Comment System is a highly preferred comment system adopted by a good number of websites worldwide. IntenseDebate Comments comes handy with a list of advanced features and functionalities, providing the best user-interaction experience across your blog or website. The plugin integrates well with your WordPress installation, and replaces default WordPress comment system completely. A visitor can either log-in to the comment system using IntenseDebate account, using other social media log-ins or even as a guest. IntenseDebate Comments also lets you integrate CommentLuv plugin and give credits to your visitors for commenting. A demo can be seen at the comments section of this page.


Now this is an interesting plugin for your WordPress powered website which transfers your native WordPress feeds to FeedBurner, so you can track down who subscribes to your feeds. The plugin is equipped with automatic feed detecting algorithm, and once detected, it is capable of transferring all possible feeds accessing ways across your website to FeedBurner, which is a much better way of letting users subscribe to your feeds. Also, it is capable of redirecting feeds for category and tags as well. FeedBurner FeedSmith Extend is one of the best plugins for 2013.


nRelate Related Content is an amazing related post with thumbnail plugin for your WordPress powered blog. We have been using nRelate on this blog as well, and same can be seen after the post area. The plugin is capable of searching for similar content throughout your website, and displays them along with appropriate thumbnail in the related posts section. We found the plugin highly accurate, and well-designed. This is a must try plugin for your blog in 2013.



Gone are the days when contact forms used to contain boring text. This amazing plugin from none other than CodeCanyon makes the contact form on your blog much more interesting with the ability for user to add attachments. That’s right, the ajax contact form is flexible enough to offer classic features which are completely configurable via the Admin. You can create your own HTML forms using CSS, or pick up templates and pre-defined fields.


This is another interesting plugin for your WordPress blog, developed by CodeCanyon again, but serves a totally different purpose. It displays your content, images, gallery or whatever you want to in a metro type grid. The grid is equipped with CSS features and hover functions which can be customized according to your needs instantly. We are in love with this plugin.

These are some really powerful plugins that you can use on your WordPress powered blog in 2013. Let us know your views or suggestions via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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