The Timeline

This is our very own Timeline. This page will contain all the changes ever made to/on Gadgec. Stay tuned for more.

  • July 7 ‘2012- Removed the content slider from our home screen. Now, Gadgec sports a clutter free, easy to navigate home screen. Also, our designing team has been able to improve our page loading speed by 17%. Keep surfing!
  • August 25 ‘2012
  1. Removed Lazy-Load script from our posts and pages. Plus, improved upon Page-load speed and happy to say that now we are under Grade A category (GTMetrix), and we are 10% faster than ever now.
  2. Happy to announce that we are now running on a responsive theme on Gadgec. Try it yourself. Now we are supported successfully on all resolutions starting from 1024X768.
  3. Made some changes to the blog header logo. Now it is neat and clutter free.


  • August 30 ‘2012- Made some changes to the social buttons on Gadgec. Got rid of floating social bar, and introduced simple social buttons after post title. 



  • March 6 ‘2013- Few changes introduced to Google AdSense units in between the posts. Removed the top header 728X90 Ad unit, and placed a square ad unit in the sidebar. Hope to get positive results with this!
  • June 11 ‘2015- Gadgec will now be monitored by Ben Viksman, who will be taking care of all administrative measures for this site. Ben is a talented entrepreneur from Mexico and will take good care of the site.