5 Things To Take Care Of, While Buying A New Mobile Phone In 2012

by admin on October 5, 2012

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It’s an every day need, and we cannot live without it. Yes, we are talking about a person’s closest and best friend in the current era- mobile/cellular phones. While going through my Twitter timeline and some free online classifieds this evening, and surfing through , I came across a common trend which you as a buyer might follow. A lot of people keep asking me to select a good utility mobile phone for them under their given budget, and keeping common specifications in mind I decided to publish this article which will help you find an appropriate mobile phone.


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#1 Budget, Of Course

There’s no limit to what you can buy considering the number of gadgets, smartphones which are released for public everyday. Starting from a simple Nokia 1100, to buying an Apple iPhone 5, the main idea lies behind your utility. Find your main functionality, like messaging, playing games or listening to music and accordingly set a budget. You can be happier than a person with an iPhone while using a Nokia 1100 if it perfectly suits your utility.

#2 Handy

Now this is one important factor behind selecting a perfect mobile phone, and people often tend to overlook this factor. If I were to select a mobile phone for myself, I would love to buy the one which is most handy, and comfortable to use.

#3 Easy To Operate

What if you are not able to operate the mobile phone you choose to buy? A perfect mobile phone is the one which has a user friendly approach, and easy to operate. A clean, and clutter free interface with easy to use navigation keys is the one you would love to use.

#4 Better Camera

If you are a photography freak, just like me, you seriously need to consider the Camera quality of the mobile phone. Well, any phone with a 5 MP+ Camera is good for photography. Additional features includes face recognition, white balancing, color toning etc.

#5 Battery Backup

This is one major factor behind selecting an appropriate mobile phone. Now we don’t really want you to crib about the battery life of your smartphone, so just keep in mind to check up with the battery backup of the smartphone which you finally choose to buy.


Well, these were some basic factors which will help you select a smartphone for yourself. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!


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