5 Things People Don’t Like About iPhone 4S, Lumia 800 And Galaxy S3

by admin on July 11, 2012

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It’s a time when we have the best of smartphones available in the market. Packed with features we never thought could be possible, these smartphones are getting better with each passing day. However, at the same time, there are certain problems or say customer complaints about these devices which have become a significant factor in deciding the one that suits your needs. In this article, we have with us an iPhone 4S, a Lumia 800, and a Galaxy S3, and here are 5 major things we don’t like about these devices, right after the jump below!



The data, accumulated from over 25-million users all across the world by our friends at FixYa includes 650,000 expert reviews as well. So let’s start the things-we-don’t-like battle!

First, talking about Apple iPhone 4S, the device has been stable and sports brilliant performance considering the processor, and other hardware. However, iPhone 4S users are not really happy with its battery life. Being an iPhone user for quite a long time now, I can testify this fact since the battery backup on 3G is not so appealing.

top 5 iphone 4s problems

45% of the iPhone 4S users are not really happy with the battery life of this smartphone. About 20% say that they have issues connecting to WiFi networks, and that the network is not stable. 15% account for BlueTooth related problems, 10% Siri related errors and 10% other miscellaneous problems.

Moving on to Nokia Lumia 800, it has always been a not-so-impressive device for us since the device was full of bugs and problems when it was launched. However, we do like the Windows Mobile OS and the UI of this smartphone. Majority of Lumia 800 users are not really happy with the display of the device.

top 5 lumia 800 problems

About 25% of Lumia 800 users are not happy with the tinted purple screen on their devices. Surprisingly, there are problems with the Camera button as well, which accounts for about 20% of all problems. 20% of Lumia 800 users complaint that they are unable to find applications. 20% of them are unhappy with the battery life and 15% contribute to other miscellaneous problems.

Next is the recently launched Galaxy S3. While the device boasts of some never seen before features, it also delivers optimum performance at the same time. Here are 5 things people don’t like about Galaxy S3.

top 5 galaxy s3 problems

About 50% of the Galaxy S3 users report trouble with the Mic. Even we had experienced the same while reviewing the device here at Gadgec. 15% of them are unhappy with the battery life,15% report overheating of the device. 10% of Galaxy S3 users report poor internet connectivity and 10% account for other miscellaneous problems.


If you use any of these devices,we are sure you would be having some similar problems. Let us know your experience via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.


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