From Batman [1939] To The Dark Knight Rises [2012], Over The Years [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Allow us go a little off topic for today, as I am publishing something non-techy , but publishing it because it has been developed by our tech friends and trust me, a lot of effort has been put in development of this infographic and if you are a Batman fan, you are going to thank us for this later (Just saying! ;) ). Okay, so The Dark Knight Rises is about to get released and we are waiting for it desperately just because of the numbers, in terms of gross revenue its previous movie, The Dark Knight earned. That is not all, the movie is one of the top 12 movies in all times which made record breaking revenues in a short time. The Dark Knight was a sure shot success, and a lot more is expected from The Dark Knight Rises.


batman the dark knight rises

The Dark Knight Rises is a movie of 2012, so let us skip it for a while and let me take you back in time, when majority of you guys were not even born. Going 70+ years back in time, in 1939 came the first impression of a legendary super-hero which was the basic of Batman we could ever see. The superhero was invented, and penetrated across the world in no time. Soon there were toys and cartoons on Batman and with time, improvements and changes were brought about.

Making a debut in Bob Kane’s comic in May 1939, the superhero went under vigorous changes over the next 60 years or so. What we see today in The Dark Knight Rises is a much advanced, improved and high tech version of the superhero introduced in raw form by Bob Kane in 1939.

If you were brought up in United States, then I am sure you have spent your childhood reading Batman comics or some might have watched Batman cartoons as well. The movies came into existence much later, and we can see a lot of improvements in Batman movies as well. Batman in The Dark Knight Rises is altogether a much advanced superhero, and I am quite happy with the success of this superhero over the last century. Below is an infographic displaying Batman’s evolution over the past 70 years. Click on the image below for a clear and larger view.

From Batman To The Dark Knight Rises:



the dark knight rises

We are waiting for The Dark Knight Rises to hit theaters next week. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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