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by admin on July 21, 2012

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The social network introduced by Google last year may not be the one topping the charts, but for sure we love Google for its own unique innovations and features that haven’t been seen before anywhere. Recently Google was seen trying a share link for Google Search results where you could directly share your favorite result by simply clicking on the share link next to the search engine results. Once you click on the link ,you driven to Google+ sharing popup where you can select your particular audience for that post.




Google loves to play with its search engine and social network at the same time. Further, it loves to get public attention on any of its upcoming features by releasing it for general public randomly. The share link has a lot of utilities in the real world like quoting a search result to someone, or instead of first opening a page and then clicking on the share button, you can directly highlight that page or article in your Google+ stream. The search button is said to have replaced the +1 button on search results. Once you hover to any search result, you get to see the share button just like the way you used to deal with +1 button. Unfortunately, you cannot +1 pages now!


Well, there’s a huge difference between +1 and sharing of a web-page since by sharing you are not only promoting it, but also bookmarking the web page. We are not sure why Google chose to display share link over standard +1 button.

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The share button creates a Google+ post for you, and if you are one of those who used to +1 articles randomly, well, this might create a trouble for you since sharing so many web-pages across your Google+ profile would mean spamming your stream. You sure don’t want to do this, do you?

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