Sell Your Used 64GB iPhone 4S To Apple For $345 And Buy An iPhone 5

by admin on September 3, 2012

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UPDATE: Buy a brand new Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Factory Unlocked [White] at an unbeatable price of  $625 from Amazon here. [Limited Time Offer]

We all talk about it, but none of us has actually seen it or touched it. Yes, we are talking about a smartphone which no longer needs publicity. What surprises most of us is that the company, Apple Inc. has not even talked about it in any of its press releases or media events lately. Still, the whole world seems to be living in anticipation of the upcoming next generation iPhone, or the iPhone 5. The price factor remains hazy and so far we have no clue about the price it would hit the international market. However, Apple can be seen on the helping side this time, and here’s an all together exciting deal coming directly from Apple.



If you own an Apple iPhone 4S- 64GB variant and have an excellent condition, Apple is willing to buy it back from you at an unbeatable price of $345. Well, the price might seem to be far less than the one you paid to buy it, but such is the rule of life. Once Apple talks about iPhone 5 in public, the re-sale value of all its previous line of iPhones will fall bel0w unexpected lines. So considering this particular fact, $345 for an iPhone 4S is not really a bad deal. Also, Apple places the bids considering the condition of your iPhone 4S, so in case your device is not really shining new, you can still sell it for about $160 to Apple itself.

iphone 5 for iphone 4s exchange

This is not all. For the value of your old iPhone, iPad or iPod, Apple also provides you an option to get an Apple gift card worth the value Apple calculates for your old device. Here’s more about Apple’s reuse and recycling program.

Turn that iPhone, iPad, or computer — Mac or PC — you’re not using anymore into something brand new. Send it to us and we’ll determine if it qualifies for reuse. If it does, that means your device has monetary value that we’ll apply to an Apple Gift Card, which you can use for purchases at any Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store. If your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC doesn’t qualify for reuse, we’ll recycle it responsibly at no cost to you.


The money you’ll get from your old Apple devices for sure can help you buy Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5. So are you going to sell your old Apple products? I am for sure going to sell my old iPod, iPod and iPad to get the smashing iPhone 5 in future. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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