Double Your iPhone Battery Life With BattSaver Jailbreak Tweak [Cydia]

by admin on August 6, 2012

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The mother of all jail-broken tweaks is out with an amazing utility for one of the most astonishing, and more of successful devices of the present era. We are talking about none other than the most loved product from the Cupertino based tech. giant, the Apple iPhone. I own an iPhone as well. The smartphone has a lot of plus points, and is currently one of the most handy devices available in the market, but at the same time I cannot stop myself from mentioning its poor battery backup which is a cause of worry for most iPhone users. Well, not any longer. Now we have a smart jailbreak tweak coming out from Cydia App Store which is intelligent enough to regulate almost all the battery oriented operations on your iPhone. Here’s more, right after the jump.



Known as BattSaver, and as the name suggests, it is a battery saving utility released by well-known members of the jailbreak community and supported by none other than Pod2g, a famous name which can’t be missed when talking about jaulbreaking and unlocking of Apple’s iDevices. This is for sure not the first jailbreak tweak claiming battery-life saving on your iPhone, but I have been personally using it since the past 24-hours, and you can take my word- it really helps! No doubt jailbreaking your iDevices has its own plus points, not to forget the high customization powers you get to enjoy. At the same time, a lot of heavy jailbroken tweaks can wash away your iPhone battery within no time.

BattSaver for iPhone automatically adjusts settings on your iPhone which are responsible for major battery consumption, thus claiming to double the battery backup of your iPhone. Well, we are not really sure if it actually doubles the battery life, but for sure it does help increasing battery backup time on your Apple iPhone.



The smart coding of BattSaver jailbreak tweak is enough to monitor programs, applications or services responsible for potential battery drainage on your iPhone. You can set the settings for individual options like 3G, WiFi, BlueTooth etc to On, Auto, or Off depending on your personal preference. In case you are one of us who are tired of the poor battery backup of Apple’s iPhone line of smartphones, BattSaver is the right jailbreak tweak for you. Of course, you need to have a jailbroken iPhone to use this app on your device. BattSaver is available for $2.99 from the BigBoss repository in the Cydia App Store. So are you going to purchase it?

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