“Samsung Didn’t Copy iPad” – Apple’s Website To Publish This!

by admin on July 19, 2012

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Bored of usual tits and bits coming from the world of technology? Well, we have something really surprising and funny coming directly from two of the best technology giants. On one side is the Cupertino based tech giant- Apple, Inc. and on the other is Samsung. We are well aware of the notorious fight going in between these two giants , following the ‘who copied who statement’. What next? The UK court has just ordered Apple to publish “Samsung Didn’t Copy iPad” text on their official website. Read more, right after the jump!


samsung didn't copy ipad

A huge blow comes to Apple, directly from Samsung when the UK court ordered Apple to publish a notorious text on their website. Well, it’s about who copied who all again, unfortunately! The ruling , being considered as a historic ruling  was a response to Apple’s infringement case filed against Samsung. The judge has asked Apple to let the people coming to their website know that Samsung is not responsible for copying iPad for its Galaxy Tab device.

Colin Birss is the judge who ruled out this order, and has asked Apple to clearly drop allegations against Samsung for copying its iPad and has asked Apple to tell its users that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab does not infringe any of Apple’s already registered products. Well, this is a response clearly with respect to the damage to Samsung’s reputation made due to Apple’s allegations, as our sources confirm.

The notice will be published on Apple’s website for the next 6-months on Apple’s UK website. Ouch, that hurts! The case ruling came as a shock rather than surprise to many, since there was nothing like losing or winning the case, rather, Apple is now forced to advertise their rival company on their official website.  Of course the judge felt that now people need to know that there is nothing like Samsung Galaxy Tab is “not cool” because it copied iPad.


Well, we are in a state of surprise right now. This is the first time something of such sort has been ruled our by the court. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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