Top 8 Devices Apple Wants Samsung To Ban Right Away

by admin on August 28, 2012

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The big news is all over the web. Yes, Apple did win the legal battle between itself and Samsung, which is the biggest legal win for Cupertino based giant, Apple. The legal battle which had been going on between two technology leaders, and innovators rather finally came to a conclusion, where Samsung has been asked to pay over $1 billion to Apple. Well, this is for sure not the last legal battle between two technology giants, and we are sure the future will bring out a lot more, and may be worst issues between companies, but for sure Samsung fans are not really happy with the verdict since it deprives Samsung from using a lot of features which were considered to be ‘cool’ by us and many others!


While the injunction hearing is scheduled for September 20 ‘2012, we have a list of top 8 smartphones, Apple wants Samsung to ban as soon as possible. Well, you might not have heard about some of these smartphones, but yes, out of so many devices, Apple highlights these 8 smartphones. Here you go, right after the jump.

#8. Samsung Galaxy Prevail

samsung galaxy prevail bannedPRICE: $193 USD [Contract]

#7. Samsung Droid Charge


PRICE: $199 USD [Contract]

#6. Samsung Galaxy S Showcase


PRICE: $570 USD [Off Contract]

#5. Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G


PRICE: $625 USD [Off Contract]

#4. Samsung Galaxy S2 [T-Mobile]


#3. Samsung Galaxy S2 [Skyrocket]


#2. Samsung Galaxy S2 [AT&T]



#1. Samsung Galaxy S2 4G


Well, most of these smartphones have already made their way out of United States in the last few months, and you might not have heard about some of them. But these are the devices violating Apple’s patents on wide extent as Samsung has been convicted for copyright infringements. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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