Samsung Compares Apple iPhone 5 With Its Galaxy S3 In Advertisement

by admin on September 16, 2012

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We have seen the war, we have seen the results as well. The long impending war between two-technology giants might have come to a stall in court of law, but both the giants are anti-each other at the moment. How? Well, Samsung is expected to run a newspaper advertisements in national and international newspapers today, which display Galaxy S3 being superior to the newly launched Apple iPhone 5. This is not all, Samsung has made direct comparison with iPhone 5 in this advertisement, saying “The next big thing is already here- Galaxy S III” . Here’s more, right after the jump!

iphone 5 vs galaxy s3 war

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 does look good on papers having features and hardware slightly better than the iPhone 5, like having a larger display, greater RAM, better resolution and a better battery backup, it also lists features like Tilt to zoom,  shake to update etc which don’t really count well for the comparison. Taking a look at Apple’s iPhone 5, they have never focused on giving their smartphone a power-booster hardware, or features like NFC etc lingering around. Rather, they have kept their device clean, simple and yet super-powerful. And the iOS 6 on it is a plus point, however you have to go for Samsung Galaxy S3 in case you are a hardware-go-crazy person.

galaxy s3 advertisement iphone 5

Surprisingly Samsung is making use of an Apple product to increase the sales of its Galaxy S3 smartphone, and thus in the race it shows iPhone 5 being the leader of the mobile industry at the moment. The advertisement is however perfect for iOS -haters to create trolls and what not, but do you think Samsung will succeed in its strategy of targeting iPhone 5 for its benefit? No denying that Galaxy S3 is a powerhouse when it comes to performance. Samsung really has worked the best it could have in bringing out a smartphone like it, which gives direct competition to other present day smartphone leaders.

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