5 Alternatives To Mobile Safari Browser On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

by admin on July 4, 2012

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We might totally be in love with the all new iOS 6 from Cupertino based tech. giant, yes our beloved Apple ,Inc. The smartest mobile operating system, as claimed by Apple is all set to roll out for general iOS users in fall, and we have already had our hands on it as well. If you want to go through the iOS 6 review, you can check our iOS 6 Roundup article. iOS being the native operating system for iDevices including iPhone(s), iPad(s) and iPod Touch come along with a native web browser- Mobile Safari as we know it. Now if you are one of those who are not really in love with this browser, and love to try something different on your iDevice, we have a list of top 5 alternatives to Mobile Safari browser on iDevice, right after the jump!




Google finally unveiled its Chrome browser for iOS on first day of its Google I/O Event 2012. While the web browser is current favorite in free apps section of Apple’s App Store, it is one of the most looked-out for web-browsers as well. It allows you to sync bookmarks between your computer and iDevice, and has other features like Incognito Window.

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Opera Mini Web Browser


One of the most loved and looked out for browser across the Apple app store. Opera, a successive web browser for PC and Mac, now comes in mobile flavor for iDevices.  Some of the key features include faster browsing, beautiful tabbing etc.

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Onion Browser


Apart from being a productive browser, Onion Browser also lets you browse the web anonymously and privately. It does not leave traces of your presence on any web page, or anywhere on your phone.

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Skyfire Web Browser


We personally recommend using this web browser for faster and efficient web page loading. The browser comes with handy Facebook and Twitter options giving you ability to share anything whenever you want. Apart from being the preferred choice of thousands of iDevice users, it also lets you play flash videos which can’t be otherwise played on iDevice.

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Dolphin Browser


After its success on Android devices, Dolphin web browser is now available on iDevices. Its unique features include voice-based actions , i.e you can access  Facebook by simply giving ‘Open Facebook’ voice command.

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You can use any of these web browsers if you don’t really like the native Safari browser. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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