Root Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 With CF Root Method [Tutorial]

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While we are actually new to Android, and apparently loving whatever we see, this is now when we start-up with the underground manipulations with the device, to make it more customizable than ever, and more user friendly. Talking about rooting Galaxy S3 device, let me first make some things clear for you. Rooting allows you to go deep further beyond the permitted walls of the operating system, just in order to use other tweaks and tricks to enhance your device. Where rooting is done to add more capabilities to your Android smartphone, it can be dangerous for the device if done in some wrong way with improper tools. In this post I’ll be guiding you on how you can root your newly purchased Samsung Galaxy S3, however below are some ‘to be taken care of’ points before you startup with the tutorial.


Root Galaxy S3- Precautions:

NOTE: Go ahead only if your device matches the exact model number, i.e GT-i9300. If it contains some suffix, it is not the right day for you. Stop the process and do not go any further. Gadgec will not be responsible for any loss made to you or your device.

The tutorial is based on my personal experience with my friends newly purchased Galaxy S3. If you think there is an easier method, feel free to mention it in the comments section below.

Rooting Galaxy S3 using  CF Method is the easiest method known at present. It has been further enhanced by the Android community member belonging to XDA Developers community- Chainfire.

root galaxy s3 cf root


Root Galaxy S3 Using CF Root Method:


1. To root Galaxy S3, make sure your device is not connected to your computer. [Important]

2. First, you need to download a tool to flash CF-Root package onto your device. We recommend ODIN 1.85 which can be downloaded here.

3. The package can be found here. Simply download it, and extract it on your Desktop. After extracting it, you should see a file by the name of CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0.tar

4. Now since your device is not connected to your computer, it is potentially safe to run ODIN. Run it!

5. Hit the PDA tab to browse for the CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0.tar you extracted before.

6. Next you need to put your device in Download Mode. To do so, make sure your phone is switched off. Then hold Volume Down+Home+Power key simultaneously. Once it enters Download Mode, simply connect your device to your computer.

7.  Next, make sure the Repartition option is unchecked. Then click on the Start button, and sit-back and relax. ODIN should complete the process in 30 seconds, after which you will have your Samsung Galaxy S3 rooted.

You can root Galaxy S3 using this tutorial, and if you came across any problem while following the tutorial, make sure you mention it in the comments section below for instant solution.

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