How To Remove Cydia And Other Jailbreak Data On iPhone 4 And iPhone 4S

by admin on August 13, 2012

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Frankly, I am a jailbreak freak, and I cannot survive through a single day if I didn’t have Cydia on my iPhone. But here’s the deal. We tend to jailbreak our devices but doing so there are high chances that we are losing out on our iPhone warranty. I particularly don’t feel much about the warranty of my iPhone, but there are people who do get problems in their iPhone’s and when they reach the Apple service center, they are taken down for the broken warranty! Now here’s a scenario. Consider a case when you have started to experience some particular problem on your iPhone, say the Camera has stopped working, the Speaker or Mic isn’t working or any other internal problem (No physical damage covered). In such cases if you have a jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, you cannot submit your device to the Apple service center to claim the warranty if you own a jailbroken iPhone. The guys there receive thousands of devices everyday, most of them have already lost their warranty, so they won’t even listen to you if you have a jailbroken iPhone. In such cases, it is best to remove Cydia and other jailbreak data from your iPhone so as to maintain your official warranty! Here’s how to do it.



Remove Cydia And Other Jailbreak Data From iPhone 4 And iPhone 4S:

Well, the title of this article speaks about iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S particularly, but trust me, you can use the same procedure for any iDevice including all previous iPhone’s, iPads and iPod Touch’s.

# 1st Method – Restore

This is for sure the best and easiest way to wipe out all jailbreak data on your iPhone, maintaining the warranty safely. However, please note that you should probably stay away from this method if you depend on software or hardware hacks like UltraSn0w,Gevey SIM or anything like that for unlocking your iPhone, since you are at a risk of bricking your iPhone using this method.

# Simply connect your iPhone to your computer and let iTunes detect it.


# Click on the Restore button and let iTunes make a backup of your device and re-install the latest firmware.

That’s it! Your warranty is now intact and you can proudly submit it at Apple’s service center without any problem.

# 2nd Method- Cydia Uninstall

Now this method involves few more steps including Cydia directory un-installation.

# Open Cydia on your iPhone and navigate to Manage tab in the bottom navigation bar.

# Click on Packages and find Cydia Installer tweak in the installed apps list.


# Open the tweak, click on Modify button and then Remove button and wait for all files to be removed.


This will remove Cydia from your iPhone, however, you will still have the jailbreak data on your iPhone drive. To remove complete data, you can remove all tweaks and apps present in the Packages tab one by one, before removing Cydia Installer. That’s it. Your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S is as good as a new one.

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