Recover Hacked/Compromised Facebook Account Without Email Address [Tips]

by admin on August 26, 2012

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Recently, we have been receiving a lot of requests relating to Facebook account recovery after it got hacked or compromised. Having your Facebook account hacked or compromised is a big deal, and needs to be taken seriously, because there are some things you share with no one but your Facebook friends. It may include your passwords, private information or even bank and credit card details. It’s right that Facebook knows you more than any other person does, so keeping all that information safe and secure has become the most important step in the online world. One thing we have noticed was that Facebook’s account recovery options were a bit complex and not really easy to follow. Further, there is no standard method of account recover, i.e there are a number of ways Facebook helps you recover your account, and their algorithm decides the method they would provide you. Of course all this comes right after the basic step of recovering your password using your Email address. This article is only for those people who no longer have access to the associated email address. Here you go!



Recover Hacked/Compromised Facebook Account Without Email Address


Did you know that Facebook has its own security question option? Well, study proves that 76% of the people using Facebook are still unaware of this feature. Facebook assigns you an individual email address which can be used to answer the security question. You can find this email address in the Contact Info section under the About field.


To answer the security question, simply click on “Forgot your pasword?” button and then enter your email address in the email-field.


If you haven’t set a Facebook security question and answer on your Facebook account, you might be asked to enter a new email address where you can be reached, and then identify few of your friends from their tagged pictures to gain access over your account.  Well, this is not really an efficient method because people are usually tagged in random photographs and pictures on Facebook. For instance, you can be tagged in a Happy New Year picture, and your friend trying to recover his or her account using picture identification might just not be able to answer the question!



This is another security measure taken by Facebook to help you recover your hacked/compromised Facebook account. In case you get the Select Three Trusted Friends option on Facebook for account recovery, you need to select three trusted friends, from three groups of friends displayed and selected by Facebook randomly. Facebook will be sending them security codes, all different. Next, you will need to call them up or contact them and ask them for the codes which will give you access to your account all again.



If you are not able to follow any of the above methods of recovering your hacked/compromised Facebook account, as a final resort you can verify your identity with Facebook by scanning and sending them your official identity card. You can hide other details from the card, but the photograph, and date of birth should be visible. Facebook will offer you this option automatically when you are unable to recover your account using other recovery methods. An official ID can be your driving licence, or any other government authorized document. Facebook will take a couple of days to verify your identity, until which your account will remain suspended and would not be accessible by anyone.


These were the steps you can take to recover your hacked or compromised Facebook account. Below are some tips you can follow to keep your Facebook account safe and secure!


How To Keep Your Facebook Account Safe And Secure

# Never enter your Facebook password on any third party website claiming to link your account with Facebook. For linking purpose, Facebook has clearly directed guidelines for apps which require your permission to link with Facebook automatically.

# Keep secure browsing enabled for your Facebook account. To enable it, navigate to Account Settings>Secure Browsing.

# Add recognized devices every-time you log in from a trusted computer or workplace.

# Do not click on malicious scripts and links on Facebook.

# Keep changing your Facebook as well as email address password frequently.

# For further security, you can link your mobile number with your account to keep a track of all your actions on Facebook.

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