Create QR Code For Your Visiting Card And Upload It On Your Website

by admin on April 20, 2015

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World is becoming more compact, thanks to the advancements in technology we are living with. How cool it would be, to be able to encode more information in simple images which can be read by various devices. The information can be a personal message, a text message and email, or even your visiting card or profile card as many people like to call it. We are talking about the magic of QR Codes, and here’s a tutorial on how you can create a QR Code for your profile, which will have your basic information like your name, address, contact number, email address and of course your website. Generating QR Code is a cakewalk now, thanks to online QR Code generators, and here’s how to create a QR Code for your visiting card instantly, and publish it on your blog or website.



Create QR Code For Your Profile/ Visiting Card Instantly

QR codes are encrypted images which are readable by most of smartphones, tablets and other devices with a camera these days. A lot of information can be written in the form of small QR codes, and now you can create the QR Code for your visiting card following this tutorial.

Why Should You Create A QR Code?

  • QR Codes are compact and convenient to process.
  • They can hold a lot of data in small image format codes.
  • They replace human effort, as you just need to point your device camera to QR Code, and your device is smart enough to follow the rest.

How To Create QR Code For Your Visiting Card Online?

All you need to do is, navigate to this website here, then enter your basic details like first and last name, address, phone number, website, and email address and click on the Generate QR Code button. That’s it, the website will create a QR Code for you in .PNG format which can be downloaded, then printed and even hanged up on your office wall. The best use is to upload it on your blog, for the convenience of your blog readers, who will find it easier to contact you now.

You can upload the QR Code in the about me section of your website, or place it in the sidebar, whatever you are comfortable with. :) The website offers other services like WiFi network QR Code generator, Facebook Profile QR Code Generator etc.   Go ahead, and try to scan the QR Code that contains my details below! In some devices like Apple iPhone, you might need to install a QR code reader from the App Store. Go ahead, there a thousands of them available in the app store, free of cost! :)



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