Privacy Policy


Gadgec is an anti-plagiarism blog, and we follow zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. Plagiarism has been declared as a crime universally, and should not be supported in any case. Kindly do not copy the content of this blog without prior permissions from the author/admin. If we came to know that our content is being reproduced on some other website/blog, without permissions, we will file a DMCA with the accused website’s associated advertising networks and hosting services. Even if you do wish to extract an excerpt from our content, please follow our 5 step privacy policy listed below:

  • Contact author for permissions. You can either use the contact form, or send an email at benvixman[at]gmail[dot]com
  • Please explain in brief why and where the content will be used.
  • Take only an excerpt from our content. Please do not copy the whole article.
  • Once reproduced, kindly provide us with the Permalink to the web-page holding that content, just for our records.
  • It is mandatory to give link-back credit to our blog/author with the content taken from us.

Say NO to Plagiarism. Stay safe! :)