BlackBerry for sure has been able to create a buzz across the wide web, with the launch of its current smartphone BlackBerry Z10. While the Canada based cellular giant is reported to have sold over one million of its BlackBerry Z10 pieces running the latest BlackBerry 10 OS on it, we have a cool trick […]


While blogging is becoming one of the most opted-for profession, all over the world including my native country India, there’s no doubt to another fact that most of the bloggers worldwide are being economically abused when it comes to setting a right price for paid or sponsored articles. To start with, sponsored or paid articles […]

It’s an era of online shopping, and majority of people are switching from shopping in malls, and complexes to the world of online shopping which has made things much easier for people, as well as buyers. While you can get huge discounts on your favorite products online, there are some useful websites like 27Coupons which are […]

google panda 25 rolling out

It’s been a while since Google released an algorithm update, where the last one was released on January 22 ’2013 which was the 24th Google Panda Update as confirmed by Google. The search engine giant has been following the one month time schedule while releasing frequent algorithm updates, however this time it has taken over […]

Top 5 Ways To Sell Your Used iPhone At A Good Price

by Sidhant Chadha on March 13, 2013

in Apple


If you’re a great big gadget geek, you’ll probably know by now that news of a possible iPhone release is brewing on the Internet. According to reports, the next iPhone, which a lot of tech journalists refer to as either iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, will have a 13 MP camera, a Snapdragon processor, a […]


We have been using HostGator to power our blogs online for over 4 years now, and we won’t even think twice before calling HostGator the most reliable web hosting service for new bloggers who don’t really have much idea about what to do, and how to set up a blog. The 24X7 online live chat […]

link-building-get popular online

This is a guest article by Jamaica Sanchez. In case you wish to write for us, kindly go through our author guidelines here. In the past, writers have to go through the nod and approval of publishers before they can send out their content to the public. Now with the Internet, everyone can express their […]

bbm on desktop computer

The very feature which most of the mobile users have been requesting over the past few years is ”How to install BBM ( BlackBerry Messenger) on desktop computers”. Well, the answer to this question is not so easy, and many have tried and failed in porting BBM to desktop clients so users who don’t really have a […]

harlem shake video download

We haven’t really forgotten the PSY Gangnam Style video which went viral soon after PSY released it, and was one of the most watched video in no time, with the number of viewers count increasing in no time.  Now it’s the time for Harlem Shake, another video which just went viral over YouTube and is […]

delete facebook messages at once script

It’s weekend already, and for most of us, it’s maintenance time. This morning when I logged into my Facebook account, I was charged by a number of spam messages which don’t really deserve a place in my Facebook inbox. While scrolling down the messages tab on Facebook, I even came across my 3-4 year old conversations which […]