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We love videos, and at times we wish we could simply download and keep some of those videos on our local storage. Well, we can’t really publish articles on Gadgec telling you how to download YouTube videos, since we have already received a warning from Google when we last published such article. Anyway, people have […]

wwdc 2013 ios 7

So the latest from the Cupertino based technology giant is that WWDC 2013 is around the corner, i.e it has been scheduled for June 10-14 ’2013 to be held in San Francisco. You all probably know this already, and if you are one of those who purchased your ticket to WWDC 2013, you surely are […]


Some time back we published a tutorial explaining how you could actually hide the last seen timestamp on your WhatsApp Messenger. The main purpose of the tutorial was to come up with a way you could actually remove or hide your WhatsApp last seen timestamp from other people using WhatsApp. The topic has seen huge […]

view or edit powerpoint files on android smartphone

No doubt Android operating system contributes to a major share in smartphone market when it comes to selecting a particular platform for your device. The business tag which belonged to BlackBerry once upon a time will be taken away by Android OS in no time, considering the popularity rate of the recently famous operating system […]

Memory Suppliers Gadgec com Post

With the creation of cloud storage and other new technologies, many people don’t know what to do with other, older forms of computer memory, such as USB flash drives that they have collected through the years. Don’t throw away those promotional flash drives just yet. Use the following ideas to get the most out of […]

Google Keep Service To Rival Evernote- Our Take

by sofiafern on April 29, 2013

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Google Keep is coming in to take the place of Google Reader and Snapseed which were recently shut down.  This upcoming note taking application, available for PCs is being called Google Keep, talks of which have been doing the rounds lately. Google Keep is scheduled to compete with the likes of Evernote and OneNote and hence […]

iphone warranty check online

In case you are an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch owner, you must be wondering about when your device’s warranty expires, and all other details about it like the country it’s been locked to, and it’s activation status in case of iPhone. Well, for sure you can check your iPhone warranty status online at […]

iOS Theme Of The Week- FlatIcons [2D Theme For iPhone]

by Sidhant Chadha on April 19, 2013

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Ever since I got my hands on Apple’s most revolutionary device , the iPhone, I have been playing around with the jailbreak tweaks, tricks and other stuff. It’s always nice to see your device behave a bit differently from others, and thanks to Cydia, it’s now possible to go beyond Apple’s iOS limitations. As an […]

WhatsApp sold to google

So the search engine giant, or big G as we love to call Google is all set to shake the grounds of instant messaging services ever, as we receive exclusive reports of it acquiring recently popular WhatsApp Messenger for a fropping $1 billion. Well, WhatsApp messenger, one of the coolest, and most popular IM service […]

zbigz premium account

One of the things we love to share is premium stuff made free, which otherwise would have hurt your pocket a bit if you pay for the services. Well, Zbigz is another such file downloading service which people love to use, for the obvious reasons. For those who don’t know what Zbigz is, well it’s […]