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I love WordPress, for the very basic reasons which involve comfort of publishing, managing and securing your blog or work line online. While I have been using WordPress for over 4 years now, I have literally seen the guys at WP updating their platform, and bringing the best to users all over the world. It’s […]

New Gadget On The Rise – The Oculus Rift

by Sidhant Chadha on June 1, 2013

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A new year means a new set of technological discoveries and releases; you’ve only just forked out for last years must have gadget, and then comes another one that you know you can’t live without. Well, that’s how it goes. A new product comes into the market and its predecessor suddenly starts looking a tad […]

 increase default iphone volume

Apple’s iPhone is one of the finest smartphones known to man, thanks to its premium quality hardware, and the name behind it- Apple. While WWDC 2013 is around the corner, we have just been notified by our friends close to Apple that there isn’t going to be an iPhone launch in the WWDC 2013. However, […]

Top 3 Themes For iPhone Having A Simple Look

by Sidhant Chadha on May 29, 2013

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Do you own an iPhone? Well, I have one for over an year now, and it has definitely succeeded in keeping me happy for so long. However, things change as soon as you jailbreak your iPhone. Suddenly, you fall in love with the Apple product all over again, and this time things are not just […]

A Nice Way To Download Older Versions Of Any Software

by Sidhant Chadha on May 25, 2013

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There are times when we don’t really require the all updated versions of applications and softwares we use on every day basis. The problem that arises is that not all developers make their older version of softwares available for download by general public. Well, while going through my Twitter time line this morning, I came […]

whatsapp online tool

Well, something really crazy just happened last night. Canada based mobile phone leader, BlackBerry has finally announced that BBM, which stands out loud for BlackBerry Messenger, the native messaging app for BlackBerry smartphones will now be available for Apple iPhones, and other Android devices as a free app in the app store. We don’t really […]

How To Win Samsung Galaxy S4 In A GiveAway

by Sidhant Chadha on May 15, 2013

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Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest smartphone from Samsung, and here’s a chance for you to win it by entering in a simple Giveaway. Organized by TechQuark, the giveaway is powered by none other than Rafflecopter, and you can create entries by simply sharing the contest on Facebook, retweeting about it, and following the official […]


A good news for Android OS enthusiasts as Cydia substrate makes its way to Android platform, after keeping iOS users happy for a couple of years. Apparently, the news has nothing to do with Apple’s devices or iOS or even jailbreak community, this time we are talking about Cydia for Android devices, that’s right! Man behind […]

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We love videos, and at times we wish we could simply download and keep some of those videos on our local storage. Well, we can’t really publish articles on Gadgec telling you how to download YouTube videos, since we have already received a warning from Google when we last published such article. Anyway, people have […]

wwdc 2013 ios 7

So the latest from the Cupertino based technology giant is that WWDC 2013 is around the corner, i.e it has been scheduled for June 10-14 ’2013 to be held in San Francisco. You all probably know this already, and if you are one of those who purchased your ticket to WWDC 2013, you surely are […]