The Nexus 7 tablet from Google might be the one catching the eye of technology enthusiasts all over the world,  may be because of its specifications, looks and capabilities. However, did you know that Nexus 7 has also been crowned as the easily-repairable tablet? Nexus 7 is built on components assembled using standard tool, whereas […]


We might totally be in love with the all new iOS 6 from Cupertino based tech. giant, yes our beloved Apple ,Inc. The smartest mobile operating system, as claimed by Apple is all set to roll out for general iOS users in fall, and we have already had our hands on it as well. If […]


The news first came few months back, when the development of Octopus keyboard, an imitation of Blackberry’s 10 keyboard, was on the roll and a release was expected any time soon. After several weeks, we can finally get our hands on the amazing Octopus keyboard, as the developers tend to call it performs actions much […]


Google Drive remains one of the spotlights of the Google I/O Event 2012. While we are laying our hands on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and Nexus 7 tablet at the moment, Google’s new app for iOS – Google Drive snatched our attention for a while, and we decided to give it a shot. Where other tech. critics […]


Microsoft has finally released the release preview of its upcoming Windows 8, which is assumed to be the smartest, interactive operating system in the history of PCs. While we are eagerly waiting for the full and final version of the Windows to hit the market, you can download and install Microsoft’s Windows 8 Release Preview […]

nokia lumia 800 tango os

It started about an year back, when Nokia unveiled its Lumia line of smartphones, specifically Lumia 710, and Lumia 800. With an interface that will blow your mind away, and mesmerizing looks, the device was expected to be the biggest hit of Nokia, since the beginning of time. This was the first Windows OS powered […]

nexus-7 specs

Google’s I/O Event brought to us a plethora of announcements, along with our recently favorite Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. While we are digging deep into the mobile operating system to discover features which make it different from other devices, we slightly diverted our attention towards the Nexus 7 tablet, announced by Google on the first […]

google ears jellybean

Now since we have finally got our hands on an Android JellyBean preview, we are digging and going deep into the mobile operating system overflowing with sheer awesomeness. Recently I published an article, where I demonstrated Android 4.1 Jelly Bean’s Liveness Check feature, and now we are presenting another amazing Jelly Bean utility, which performs […]

image related seo

To start with, let me clear world’s biggest image-SEO related doubt. No, web-crawlers can not read the text on images. They are not intelligent or smart enough yet, do identify text in various fonts on images, though the technology is being developed and tested at present. A lot of bloggers have been running into similar […]

gadgec-overview-june 2012

So we started up and came into existence, grabbing a little of the wide internet space all over the world. On June 4 ‘2012, I published the first post on Gadgec, which was nothing but a welcome note, with a words of respect for our readers, commentators, critics and developers. Not to forget the editorial […]