It’s been an year and a half now, since Google introduced one of the greatest changes to its own search engine, which altered the way we look out for things completely. The results were devastating, almost ~3% of the people worldwide were left unemployed, and many others multiplied their fortune exponentially. We are talking about […]


Now something seriously weird is happening all across the internet, and the impact of this security breach will lead to no internet access condition on Monday, i.e July 9 ‘2012. Wondering what went wrong? Well, a malware that goes by the name DNSChanger is all set to be launched into the Web 2.0 on Monday, […]

rapiddrive from rapidshare

We need storage devices to store our photographs, documents, notes, calenders, music and what not. 2012 is an year which highlights the launch of a lot of cloud storage services across the internet, which lets you utilize capacities in case you need to keep a backup of your data. One good thing about cloud storage […]

google now on ics android

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is the latest, mind blowing operating system unveiled by Google for its Android powered devices, announced on the very first day of Google’s I/O Event 2012. While we have fallen in love with this operating system, we have been digging deep into it for manipulations, and capabilities you are not aware […]

wireless-hack-iphone charging

We love innovations here at Gadgec, and innovations are something that keeps us going. Technology makes our lives easier, and simpler, and wireless charging of your mobile phone is really something you could be looking after, in the coming years. While a lot of tech companies are working on a concept of wireless charging, or […]

find_and_call trojan

One reason why we considered iOS to be the most secure and safe operating system for mobile was, that it was the only mobile operating system which has never had a record of malware lifts in its App Store, thus keeping your iDevice on a very safe, and malware-free level. All is well until you […]


You might not remember it, but iGoogle, a personal feed reader introduced by Google to customize your home screen was launched in 2005 . The purpose was to bring together your favorite articles from the web, emails, weather,calender and schedules directly to your desktop. It’s 2012, and now the availability of much better and productive […]


The Nexus 7 tablet from Google might be the one catching the eye of technology enthusiasts all over the world,  may be because of its specifications, looks and capabilities. However, did you know that Nexus 7 has also been crowned as the easily-repairable tablet? Nexus 7 is built on components assembled using standard tool, whereas […]


We might totally be in love with the all new iOS 6 from Cupertino based tech. giant, yes our beloved Apple ,Inc. The smartest mobile operating system, as claimed by Apple is all set to roll out for general iOS users in fall, and we have already had our hands on it as well. If […]


The news first came few months back, when the development of Octopus keyboard, an imitation of Blackberry’s 10 keyboard, was on the roll and a release was expected any time soon. After several weeks, we can finally get our hands on the amazing Octopus keyboard, as the developers tend to call it performs actions much […]