How To Download Torrent Files On Your Android Device [No Rooting]

We have always wanted to have a native torrent client for Android, iOS or even for Windows Phone OS. While there already are a number of third party applications available across the web, still none of them had the desktop like functionality on cellular devices or tablets, and this was one of the … Continue reading

Apple iPhone 3GS Is Out, iPhone 4S 8 GB Is In- Next Week

We are a couple of days away from the official launch of one of the most anticipated smartphone of 2012. A device which no longer needs an introduction or advertisements. Yes, we are talking about the iPhone 5 which is expected to be launched on September 12 '2012, in Apple's upcoming media event. … Continue reading

Apple Announces iPhone 5 Launch Media Event On September 12 ‘2012 [Update]

Finally, we have an official word coming directly from Apple. The tight-lipped Cupertino based giant, who until now had not released any public announcement or media news so far, has started sending out invites for the iPhone 5 event to be scheduled for September 12 '2012. The media event is going … Continue reading

Sell Your Used 64GB iPhone 4S To Apple For $345 And Buy An iPhone 5

UPDATE: Buy a brand new Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Factory Unlocked [White] at an unbeatable price of  $625 from Amazon here. [Limited Time Offer] We all talk about it, but none of us has actually seen it or touched it. Yes, we are talking about a smartphone which no longer needs publicity. What … Continue reading

Gadgec-Weekly: Pirate Bay Founder Arrested & Sentenced For 1 Year Prison

So the news this week is that our beloved Pirate-Bay Website, which is an online P2P sharing website (basically torrent) owner and co-founder Svartholm has been arrested and sentenced for 1 year in prison, in Cambodia. The news comes more like a disheartening news for thousands of Pirate Bay fans, … Continue reading