iphone 5 production in china

The web is finally flooding with Apple iPhone 5 rumors, considering its date, design and price which are currently uncertain to us. Recently we saw a publication from Macotakara stating that the iPhone 5 production has already started in China where Apple’s partner sites are manufacturing the parts of upcoming iPhone 5. Well, Macotakara, is a famous […]

unlock iphone 4 4.11.08

Apple iPhone’s complexities and its appeal towards hacking, activating and unlocking is one good reason we love this beautiful device from the Cupertino based giant, Apple. At Gadgec, we primarily focus on jailbreaking, activating and unlocking Apple’s iDevices and we get a lot of emails from friends all over the world with problems relating to […]

Apple iPhone 5 release date

Okay, so Apple partner companies start developing new iPhone parts and their production leads to a whole new era of rumors relating to the Apple iPhone 5 launch and the device specifications. Well, no body really knows when the mega-phone or call it Apple’s biggest iPhone innovation hits the international market, as of now. We […]

ClockWind-speed up iphone

We love Cydia for its unbeatable tweaks and apps that add out of the box capabilities to your iDevice, making it more user friendly for you. Cydia receives in-numerous application and tweak updates everyday, where some tweaks alter the iOS, narrowing the wall between the operating system and the user. Now, do you feel that […]

Carbon Copy Cloner- A Disk Backup Utility Goes Commercial

by Sidhant Chadha on July 21, 2012

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carbon copy cloner commercial app

Recent news confirms that the famous donationware disk backup utility, namely Carbon Copy Cloner has upgraded itself as a paid app now. Proving out to be one of the best backup utility for Mac computers, Carbon Copy Cloner made its way through many technology journals in the recent months and came out to be the […]


The social network introduced by Google last year may not be the one topping the charts, but for sure we love Google for its own unique innovations and features that haven’t been seen before anywhere. Recently Google was seen trying a share link for Google Search results where you could directly share your favorite result by […]

samsung galaxy note 2 rumor

The year 2012 is proving out to be more and more interesting for the mobile industry. First rumors come up about the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 and now news of a major Galaxy device announcement from Samsung to be made on August 15 ’2012. Well, we are a bit skeptical about this announcement, since a lot […]


While going through my Twitter timeline few minutes ago, I came across an interesting tweet from none other than the popular email client for iOS and Mac, yes, the Sparrow that is has now been acquired by the search engine giant Google. To start with, Sparrow is a popular email client for Mac and iOS […]

nano sim iphone 5

UPDATE: Get yourself an Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White [Brand New] at an unbeatable price of $625 and refurbished one for $428 here. Recently we published an Apple iPhone 5 roundup bringing together all the rumors and reports across the wide web to give you a better and clear picture of what is being expected from […]


When we talk about an operating system for mobile devices, we already have two of the best of mobile OS in the market. On one hand is elegant iOS from Apple, and on the other side is developer-loved Android OS from Google. Well, seems like the mobile industry is now ready for an altogether new […]