small charging port iphone 5

It all started back in February ’2012, when rumors started surfacing claiming that a new smaller charging port would be introduced in the upcoming installment of iPhone, yes, Apple iPhone 5. In the last two days, we have been covering a lot on Apple’s iPhone 5, which is the most awaited smartphone of the year […]

samsung didn

Bored of usual tits and bits coming from the world of technology? Well, we have something really surprising and funny coming directly from two of the best technology giants. On one side is the Cupertino based tech giant- Apple, Inc. and on the other is Samsung. We are well aware of the notorious fight going […]

batman the dark knight rises

Allow us go a little off topic for today, as I am publishing something non-techy , but publishing it because it has been developed by our tech friends and trust me, a lot of effort has been put in development of this infographic and if you are a Batman fan, you are going to thank […]

apple iphone 5 design

The current day technology trends talk about nothing but Samsung’s record breaking Galaxy devices, and Apple’s already successful line of iPhone smart-phones. Surprisingly the one Apple product in light and attention is not one of those devices already launched by the Cupertino based giant, rather its the much speculated Apple iPhone 5 which has yet […]

apple iphone 5 launch

It is rumor time all again. Like always, this time it is Apple iPhone 5 launch all again, however things have started to surface a bit now. While things have been going a little weird lately considering the reports that a Chinese eCommerce website has started pre-booking of Apple’s next generation of iPhone, also known […]


A $599 Samsung Galaxy S III can be seen coming soon in the market with support from Verizon. Something special about this edition of Galaxy S3 is that it has been designed specifically for developers only. The device features unlockable bootloader and will be sold off the contract to customers. Verizon is the only cellular […]

Twitter Native App Released For Nokia Symbian S40 Devices

by Sidhant Chadha on July 14, 2012

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twitter app for s40 nokia

Are you a Twitter-adict person owning a Nokia S40 device and spend much of your time tweeting and interacting? Well, we just have the right thing for you. Now you don’t need any computers, laptops, tablets or other devices to interact or post tweets to Twitter. An official app for Twitter has been released for […]

Betaworks Takes Over Digg! Price? $500,000

by Sidhant Chadha on July 13, 2012

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kevin rose-digg sold

The day started with a major news coming from the famous social news wesbite, Digg which has been sold to Betaworks for $500,000 as confirmed by our sources, and that the deal has been closed now. Though, we already had some hints about it when Betaworks announced on Monday, that they were going to take […]


Apple is mysterious in its own ways. Every then and now we see unlock hacks, activation spoofs coming up from our friends at the jailbreak community, and we seriously love them for taking care of this part of Apple which deals with jailbreaking, unlocking, activation and other baseband related stuff. Now, something strange has been […]


It’s a time when we have the best of smartphones available in the market. Packed with features we never thought could be possible, these smartphones are getting better with each passing day. However, at the same time, there are certain problems or say customer complaints about these devices which have become a significant factor in […]