How To Get OS X Mountain Lion Theme On Your iPhone [Jailbreak]

by admin on August 4, 2012

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The mother of all the jailbreak tweaks and apps has something new for us. We are talking about the Cydia App Store, if you didn’t catch us at first. Ever since the iPhone came into existence, jailbreak-community has been working day and night to narrow the wall between Apple’s iOS and its users by letting you customize your iDevice to any extent. This couldn’t have been possible without jailbreaking  since Apple never considered the option of giving third-party applications the root access of their iOS. Today, we came across one interesting jailbreak tweak for your iPhone particularly, which brings an OS X Mountain Lion theme to your Apple iPhone.


iOS X Ultimatum-iPhone

Launched recently, the jailbreak tweak can be seen topping the Cydia app store charts and if you are looking for a theme for your iPhone, iOS X Ultimatum is the right thing for you. iOS X Ultimatum merges an OS X Mountain Lion environment into the small screen of your iPhone, leaving the design neat and clutter free. Well, if you have used OS X Lion Ultimatum, you would know of what we are talking about, since iOS X Ultimatum is simply a sequel to it with much advanced interface and design. Here is a video review by our friends at iDownloadBlog:

To start with, you might encounter a few tap misses when you start using the theme, but anytime the theme is better than the other themes provided by DreamBoard or WinterBoard. iOS X Ultimatum is not really efficient when it comes to responsiveness, but if you are looking for a change, it is the right thing to go for. The OS X Mountain Lion environment ported to the small screen gives it a sharp display, and crisp clutter free graphics.


We found the theme a little mis-valued considering its response and other bugs, but if you are really interested in giving your iPhone an OS X Mountain Lion feel, $2.00 shouldn’t be an issue for you. The theme comes as an addition to DreamBoard which is a free download from Cydia Store, however you would have to purchase the iOS X Ultimatum theme particularly before you could use it later.

So are you going to purchase it? Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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