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by admin on July 3, 2012

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The news first came few months back, when the development of Octopus keyboard, an imitation of Blackberry’s 10 keyboard, was on the roll and a release was expected any time soon. After several weeks, we can finally get our hands on the amazing Octopus keyboard, as the developers tend to call it performs actions much similar to what we have in Blackberry’s 10 keyboard. No doubt Cydia is one of the major attractions behind iDevices, for us it is an inevitable feature of iOS, just saying! ;)



It wasn’t long ago when the jailbreak community sprung into action, to provide us with solutions and capabilities which were not included  in Apple’s own iOS. Jailbreak dev team narrowed the gap between iOS and its users by letting them customize their devices according to their needs and utilities.

The Octopus Keyboard lets you quickly input words by simple swipe gestures. This was one of the most hyped about feature in BB10 OS when it was launched . With a tap of single character, you can input your choice of words which get stored in its memory. Fortunately, it does not replace your native iOS keyboard, it simply adds functionality to it by memorizing a word which you might want to use and simply displays that word over specific keywords. So you don’t really need to remember which key meant which word, all will be done by this Octopus Keyboard itself.

Currently, the keyboard is hosted at developers personal repository, however we can expect it to be included in general BigBoss repo in the coming days. Octopus keyboard not only lets you input words manually, it also lets you download the iOS dictionary in the background thus predicting the word in advance for you. To download Octopus Keyboard on your iOS, you need to add http://k3a.me/c repo in your Cydia app store. The tweak is available for $4.99. Below is a video demonstration of the same by our friends at iDB:


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