Here’s The New Apple iPhone Running Apps On Its 4-Inch Screen [Images]

by admin on August 10, 2012

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Everyday we are receiving a number or rumors,reports and images relating to Apple’s upcoming sensation, of course the iPhone 5 which is not yet its official name as yet, but that is many people including me love to call it. We now know a lot of the upcoming iPhone 5. We know that it will sport a 4-Inch display, which is a major change from the previous generation iPhone. Further, it will use a nano-SIM technology, i.e a SIM card 40% smaller than the present day Micro SIM card. This is not all, we have also seen images and videos of the claimed dock to mini dock connector for iPhone since the iPhone 5 will be having a smaller charging port, all claimed by reports.



Apple has recently unveiled the iOS 6 beta 4 version for registered developers, and a strange study has come up with that. Analysts have been reporting that the iOS 6 can be scaled for use on a 4-inch display, something which hasn’t been observed on iOS 5 or below earlier. This clearly hints towards the 4-inch display on Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 which also accomodates 5-line app set on the springboard. The images have recently arrived from our sources close to 9To5Mac. You can clearly see it in the images below that the resolution of the screen has been changed and the screen is now longer than before.

new iphone running on ios 6

The 4-inch screen can be seen accommodating a resolution of 640 x 1136-pixels which is clearly evident from the image above, and the image below.

ios 6 on iphone 5 4 inch display

It is clear that iOS 6 can handle these new dimensions flawlessly, and it takes us a step ahead and near rather, to the 4-inch iPhone 5 expected to hit the international markets anytime in September ‘2012.


ios 6 screen size new iphone

We are quite apprehensive about the large screen adaption by most of the apps, since all those 6,00,000+ apps in the app store might not be ready for this quick move, and might not support the 4-inch display at first. Whatever it is, we are happy that the iPhone 5 is coming with a 4-inch display. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

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