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by admin on July 1, 2012

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So we started up and came into existence, grabbing a little of the wide internet space all over the world. On June 4 ‘2012, I published the first post on Gadgec, which was nothing but a welcome note, with a words of respect for our readers, commentators, critics and developers. Not to forget the editorial staff as well. The month was our first in web, and sharp rise and fall were very much expected in this month. We are now finally receiving search engine traffic, though the numbers are not much at present, but we can see them rising with time.


gadgec-overview-june 2012

In June ‘2012, we received majority of our traffic from referral sites, including Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Google+, Digg etc. We started to receive search engine traffic in the later half of this month, and we are growing with time. Though, one thing troubling us is the crawling rate of search engine, which is not much at present. I managed to publish 54 blog posts in the month of June ‘2012, and for the month of July ‘2012, I have set a goal of at least 100 blog posts. Below is the detailed overview of Gadgec, for the month of June ‘2012.


As I mentioned earlier, we are receiving irregular crawl rates at Gadgec, and we have yet not attained instant indexation from Google. It takes around 12-15 hours before our recent article gets indexed. That is probably another reason why we are not receiving much of search engine traffic lately. I will be making some SEO related changes in the month of July ‘2012, and would publish the results as and when I discover them.


The screenshot displays our recent Crawling statistics from our very own Webmaster Tools dashboard. You can see a recent rise in our  web-crawling rate which took place 2-3 days back.


Though I don’t really follow much of Alexa rankings now, I do keep a record of them since they are a major factor which decides our blogs authority across the internet. Fortunately, I can see tremendous change in our Alexa, and we stand at an Alexa rank of ~3.6 lakh, worldwide. Our Indian Alexa rank is around 13K though, which is quite impressive for a blog just 26 days old.


We started with an Alexa rank of 68 lakh on June 4 ‘2012, just for the records!


Moving on to our Google Analytics dashboard, we are happy to see a constant progress throughout the month of June ‘2012, though the traffic statistics are not really high, we are on a road to progress.

analytics-june 2012

We received a total of 1,281 visits in the last 26-days of June ‘2012, majorly coming from referral sites I mentioned below. We are aiming at improving our search engine reputation this month, and only then can we start to expect some quality search engine traffic. Also, I am working on improving link-structure of this blog, generating a few backlinks here and there as well. Guest posting is my favorite option for generating backlinks currently.

The bounce rate is stable at ~45%-55% and we received 58.78% of new visits for our first month in action. We are doing good with returning visitors, which are currently marked at 41.22% of our total traffic.


Traffic remains stable, majorly coming from referral websites. The organic search engine traffic has been improving in the last 15 days, and I am expecting a rise in the month of July ‘2012.

traffic-sources june 2012

You can see, out of 1,281 visits we received in the last 26-days of June ‘2012, we received 18.58% of it from search engine, majorly Google, and 60.42% from other referral sites like Facebook, StumbleUpon etc. We are running low on Search Engine traffic, and any conclusion can only be made after this month, when I publish overview of July ‘2012.


This was an overview of our site position and statistics relating to them. I sincerely thank you all for your continuous dedication towards my blog networks, specially here on Gadgec. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

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