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by admin on August 3, 2012

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To start with, I would call July ‘2012 an exceptional month, considering our growing reputation all over the web. We completed good 2 months on August 1 ‘2012, and here we are, doing the right thing and taking a step towards transparency, which we ought to follow in order to promote blogging as a profession which has always been our primary goal. July ‘2012 being a decision making month for us gave us a green signal and we have started to see results and green signals which is most important here to keep us publishing the best of technology news for your attention.



We skipped good number of Alexa rankings, and my biggest disappointment in June ‘2012, which was almost no traffic from search engines has completely been dismissed in the month of July ‘2012. Another thing of worry in June was the fluctuating attention given to us by search engine crawlers. We had been having irregular crawling rates in our first month into action, but July 2012 was much more promising. We are not having a stable crawl rate, and now our articles are getting indexed in search engines like Google within seconds of publishing.

Another major change is the Page-Rank. Well, I don’t really understand how Google calculates Page-Rank, and frankly no body has been able to give an exact review of the same, but we have finally received our first Page-Rank, and Gadgec is now proudly a PR 2 web-blog. Though PR 2 is just a basic PR, we will be working hard to double it in the next 3-4 months. Okay, so here is the statistical overview of Gadgec, for the month of July ‘2012 . . .


As I mentioned earlier, we are now receiving a stable crawling rate from Google and we are happy and contended with it as we see it increase with time. In the month of June ‘2012, it nearly took us 12-15 hours before our articles used to get indexed in Google’s database. Now, we are getting indexed within seconds of publishing an article and thus, we do not lose the pace!  Gadgec is one of the news-breaker web-blogs, so it was necessary for us to get indexed in no time after publishing an article. It seems to be happening now. :)


Our average crawling rate for the month of June ‘2012 was 81 pages/day, which has been increased to 104 pages/day in the month of July ‘2012.


We have taken a huge leap from an Alexa rank of 360K last month to 220K in the month of July ‘2012. We are hoping to get under 100K Alexa ranking in the month of August ‘2012. Other than that, we can see our reputation growing across the web, and we are now a PR 2 blog.


Our Indian Alexa rank keeps going up and down but currently it is stable at 24K as compared to 13K last month. This is because I have personally tried to target Unites States traffic more this month.


Moving on to our Google Analytics dashboard, we have seen a major rise comparing the statistics of July ‘2012 with June ‘2012. The traffic is on a rise, and we are expecting a constant rise in the month of August ‘2012.


We have received total of 1,692 visitors in the month of July 2012, out of which 1,346 are unique and first time visitors. The bounce rate has gone up to 72.28%  and since we have worked on SEO more last month, we can see a constant rise in Search Engine traffic as well.


The month of June ‘2012 brought us majority of traffic through referral sites. July ‘2012 has been totally opposite since we have received majority of traffic from search engines, majorly Google. We have started receiving constant organic traffic and we have higher goals for the month of August 2012.


From mere 18%, the search traffic has risen to almost 43% in the month of July ‘2012. Google had introduced its Panda 3.9 update on June 24 ‘2012 due to which we saw traffic drop for few days.


Overall, the statistics for the month of July ‘2012 fall in the green-zone and we are happy about it. We are working hard to deliver the best to you in the fastest possible way. You can subscribed to Gadgec to stay a step ahead from others. As the founder and active author of this blog, I sincerely thank all our loyal readers, commentators, subscribers and critics. Keep surfing!

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