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by admin on September 16, 2012

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I know I am late this time for publishing our monthly overview for the month of August ‘2012, however I had my own reasons for not showing up. Well, no excuses now, and here I am presenting to you Gadgec- Monthly Overview August ‘2012. So far August ‘2012 has been the best month for us, both in terms of traffic, and income. However, I will be particularly talking about our blog traffic only in this post. I am happy that our search engine traffic has risen by great numbers, which was nothing two months back, thanks to some changes I made to the content and how it appears on the web. Further, we are now stable after receiving a hit from Google’s last Panda Update. Detailed overview can be witnessed below.



I have always been a bit apprehensive about our blog crawling rate by search engine bots, specially the Google bots. While I was disappointed two months back, we are again on a continuous rise now at a rate of 191 pages crawled per day. We have received a stable crawling rate from Google now, and our articles are getting indexed within seconds of publishing them. This is of course a good thing for us, since we do not lose traffic on event-related articles.


Our average crawling rate for the month of July ‘2012 was 104, and for the month of August ‘2012 it is 191.


Talking particularly about Alexa Ranking, we are not really doing good despite of the constant increase in traffic we have been receiving. In the month of July ‘2012, we have an Alexa rank of 220K, and in the month of August ‘2012, we skipped 20K ranks and we are now at an Alexa rank of 200K. The jump is not really much, but we are trying our best to come to an appreciable rank. Other than that, Gadgec is still a PR 2 blog.

You can see our local Alexa ranking has increased by 10K, but that is because we are targeting visitors from US more now.


Coming to Google Analytics now, we can clearly see an increase in traffic, coming from search engines like Google specifically. Further,  our bounce rate has significantly gone up which is not really a good thing for us. Also, average time on site has reduced by 1 minute.


We received 5,583 hits in the month of August ‘2012, out of which 4,893 were unique visitors. Also, new visits rate has gone up to 86.85% as compared to 77.30% in the month of July ‘2012. September ‘2012 is going to be the best month for us since we have already broken all our previous records, in terms of traffic and income both.


As I mentioned earlier, we can see a rise in traffic coming from search engines. The numbers are way better than July ‘2012, and this is one big achievement for us, here at Gadgec.


You can see, we received 69.73% of our total traffic from search engines like Google in the month of August ‘2012. 19.68% came from our social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon. While 10.59% was direct traffic.

The month of August ‘2012 has been fairly good for us, and September ‘2012 promises to be even better. The overall statistics are satisfying for use here at Gadgec, and we are continuously improving ever month. As a founder, and active author of Gadgec, I thank all our readers, commentators, critics and authors for their continuous support in making Gadgec one of the best sources of technology news. Keep surfing!

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