Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Keynote, With Demo Crashes And More

by admin on June 19, 2012

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So Microsoft was seen unveiling its first ever tablet PC earlier today, named Surface. While we are still confused about the story behind this name, we are equally impressed by this tablet on the other hand. The idea that was seen long back in 2001 media event of Microsoft is now a reality after good eleven years, and two years after Apple unveiled its tablet- iPad. We are still trying to get the pieces together, and wondering what Microsoft was doing all this while over these eleven years when the idea of iPad didn’t even exist . Anyway, we are not going to start the idea-stealing war here. Here is the keynote of the event, when Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer  took the stage and announced this tablet.


The keynote comes up, as a courtesy of The Verge, and includes the moment when the demo presentation crashes, and Vice President Steven Sinofsky had to call the backup unit on stage. Well, Microsoft has had a history of crashes during its media events and this brought us no surprise, just saying!


The event which took place in Los Angeles brought a handy and powerful device to us, a tablet named Surface. The technical specifications of the tablet are as follows:

  • Available in two flavors- Windows RT Tablet OS/Windows 8 OS
  • USB 2.0/3.0
  • ARM Chips/ Intel Chips
  • Magnesium cover doubles with MultiTouch Keyboard and on-board touchpad
  • 9.33 mm profile
  • 10.6-Inch display
  • Built-in KickStand.

We are really looking forward to Surface as it gives direct hit to the Cupertino based giant- Apple’s iPad. Well, seems like it suits its tagline- A Tablet which is a great PC, A PC which is a great Tablet. Here is the keynote video from our friends at The Verge. The epic moment takes place at exactly “14:10″ mark on the video!

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