Microsoft Surface Vs Apple iPad 3 – Comparing The Best Tablets

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The week started with mysterious invites being sent over to mysterious people, and the outcome was a much awaited tablet PC from Microsoft, which they tend to call Surface. That is not all, the tablet which goes by the tagline “A Tablet which is a great PC, A PC which is a great Tablet” and truly justifies it has quite a lot more to offer us other than sheer tablet experience. The idea, first came into public when Bill Gates announced a tablet from Microsoft in a public event late back in 2001. After good 11-years, finally a heart-stunning tablet is here, and here is how steady it turns out to be, in front of  one of the current day tablet leader, yes the Apple iPad 3! The stunning tablet from Cupertino based giant, Apple iPad has been topping the gizmo-charts since its launch in 2010. iPad 3 is its third installment of its line of tablets- iPad, and iPad2. Let’s see if Microsoft’s Surface is really worth the comparison with Retina Display tablet, iPad 3.


microsoft surface vs apple ipad 3

Microsoft Surface Vs Apple iPad 3- Comparing The Best


When Apple announced its first tablet in 2010 – Apple iPad, it was considered to the sleekest tablet in the market, sporting a laser cut finish. With a little change in its design, the iPad 3 still has the same charm, though a lot more sleek with variable display! Apple iPad 3 comes out to be comfortable when held in hand, and grip should not be much of the problem. Sporting dimensions of 241.2mm X 185.7mm X 9.4mm and weighing 1.44 lbs, iPad 3 was a sure-shot success venture from Apple!

Microsoft-Surface-vs ipad

Microsoft’s Surface on the other hand, fits itself somewhere in between of Tablets and Laptops. A design which has never been featured on any of Microsoft’s products ever before, is the special thing about this tablet cum PC. Fortunately, it comes with a magnesium casing cum multi-touch keyboard which is not much of a trouble when not used. Dimensions of 22″ X 27″ X 42.5″ and weight of 1.48/1.99 lbs brings it at par with other tablets of the same range!

Winner: Apple iPad 3 -It still feels better when held in hand!


Apple has been consistent in maintaining a 4:3 aspect ratio, and fortunately a resolution of 2048×1536 with Retina Display this time. Though, the screen size of 8.9″ does not really make it an ideal tablet for multimedia when other tablets of the same range are having screen size greater than 10″. However, if you want something which is easier to be held with one hand while watching movies or videos, iPad 3 is the one for you!


Microsoft’s Surface on the other hand comes with a huge 10.6″ screen, and surprisingly with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The screen is definitely larger than the iPad, and less dense, though gaming experience on iPad 3 is a bit better because of its perfectly adjusted 4:3 aspect ratio which is better for productivity, gaming and multimedia.

Winner: Apple iPad 3- Since we focus more on productivity than large screen sizes!


Apple’s iPad 3 is based on OS X Kernel, and runs on Apple’s native iOS which as per Apple is the smartest operating system in the world (WWDC 2012). Apple has recently announced its amazing iOS 6 which will be compatible with iPad 3, however Apple is far away from bringing native desktop experience to its tablets.


Microsoft’s Surface runs on native Windows RT/Windows 8 operating system. Now Windows is something we all grew up with, and for sure Microsoft gets a plus point here for bringing its ultimate Metro UI to its tablet PCs, that too full featured. The OS is beautiful, user friendly and responsive.

Winner: Microsoft Surface- For its beautifully drawn Metro UI brought efficiently to its Tablet PCs.


Now this is something interesting. Apple’s iPad 3 is powered by Apple’s own A5X-processor chips, and the history is proof that Apple has been flawless when it comes to innovating and implementing its own hardware utilities. The Quad-Core graphics add to the charm.


Surface on the other hand brings something totally revolutionary with it. It is powered by Intels Ivy Bridge processors making it as powerful as the MacBooks unveiled in WWDC 2012. Microsoft has done a great job by bringing this powerhouse to its tablet PCs, giving users complete desktop experience.  However, we are not really sure of what kind of ARM processors will Microsoft introduce in its Windows RT based Surface tablets.

Winner: Microsoft Surface- Need I say any more?


Apple iPad 3 features old 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage support, though this is the best you can actually expect from a tablet. The storage capacity when talking about Apple iPad 3 has been satisfactory.


Microsoft Surface also comes in three flavors. The Windows RT variant comes with 32GB and 64GB support, while the Windows 8 variant comes with 64GB and 128GB support which is more than enough.

Though the storage of iPad 3 is enough for every day use, we will give an extra point to Surface for providing an extra choice in case you need to store huge chunks of data.

Winner: Microsoft Surface- It comes with 128GB storage capacity as well!


Apple’s iPad comes in two flavors, WiFi and WiFi+ Cellular. However, there has been rumors across the internet that iPad 3’s WiFi network is a bit disturbed and it keeps getting disconnected.


We are not sure if Microsoft has planned any cellular support for its Surface tablets. However, we do know that Microsoft is working on something to do with LTE radio. Let time decide the best one here!


Apple iPad 3 has an enormous battery, larger than that of MacBook Air 11″.  A  battery (42.5Wh) is enough to keep your iPad running through your everyday needs. It has also been found that an Apple iPad 3 consumes electricity worth just $1.36 per year to charge up. Now those are some really interesting figures.


Microsoft however is focusing more on cutting out extra battery consumption aspects. With a apparently smaller battery (31.5Wh) on Windows RT version, and 42Wh battery on Surface Pro version, Microsoft still needs to work out on increasing its tablet battery life.

Winner: Apple iPad 3- Larger battery, bringing good battery backup.



Apple iPad 3 is priced between $499-$829 depending on storage and network capabilities.


Microsoft’s Surface is expected to hit the market at a price somewhere in between $400-$1200, depending on Windows RT and Windows 8 variant.


Well, both the tablets have their own pros and cons, and truly give a tough competition to each other. But based on our comparison algorithm, though we have not yet considered other aspects like Camera etc., we are going to declare Microsoft’s Surface as the winner today! (Based on votes from critics)

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