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by admin on January 11, 2013

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“Visionaries face the same problems everyone else faces; but rather than get paralyzed by their problems, visionaries immediately commit themselves to finding a solution.” Says Bill Hybels which perfectly fits Abhay Pruthi, Akshay Pruthi and Ashish Goel, the Lost Beat trio. Entrepreneurship is a natural trait of most of the Indians, from Jamshedji Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani to Vijay Mallya; we have a history of Indian entrepreneurs making waves all across the world. To make sure that this legacy never ends, our youngsters are coming up with great ideas and unwavering determination to bring them to life. One such attempt is Lost Beat.



Lost Beat was conceived as an idea by Akshay, Abhay, Ashish to use their exceptional managerial skills and a way to live their musical dream and help others to do so too. It has finally resulted in a full-fledged music networking website Lost Beat Live. It incorporates features from facebook, soundcloud and YouTube and at the same time goes much beyond it.  It aims to provide not just the raw talent a platform but also non-artists to experience good music, share their musical interests and interact with the budding artists.

The website has a two-tier plan. It works both in an online as well as in an offline module. In the online module, it gives the musicians a space to showcase their talents by uploading their works. Since you add friends to your profile, the chain reaction begins. This phase provides a wide canvas for users to look for people with similar musical interests, communicate and socialize, and form bands. The offline module widens the concept further, where these bands can perform in the shows organized by the Lost Beat team.

The site has features such as the “strength of my identity” which not only lets a band or an artist know the number of fans they have and the likes they get but also their popularity on the scale of five based on the average of all.  Another important feature is the “beat box” which helps to upload, share and classify songs according to different genres, artists, albums. Last but not the least “Mood cloud” is another feature allowing listeners to cut across genres and listen to music according to their mood be it happy, sad, rocking or romantic! Other features include uploading and sharing pictures, sending and receiving messages, adding up friends and much more. The basic theme of the website might be music but it has something to offer everyone.


The site is intrinsically designed to make user interface as friendly as it can be and a lot of importance has been given to minute details. Its far sighted concept and wider approach has the potential to revolutionize social and music networking world wide. So if you wish to find the lost beat in you, make a brand out of your band or simply define or create your musical taste then Lost Beat is the perfect place! You can join the Lost Beat via their Facebook page here.

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