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by admin on August 5, 2012

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Losing out on your mobile phone is a very common phenomenon these days. With the hype in technology, mobile phone has become an inevitable part of life and from a status of just calling and receiving phone calls, it is now used to access the web, emails, social networks and to make use of in-numerous applications which make lives simpler. For quite a long time now, I have been getting requests and suggestions from friends and readers on how they can track their lost mobile phones, and therefore, I thought of publishing this article which will help you track your lost mobile phone easily, without giving much of trouble to the Police department or your mobile carrier for instance. This means you would be able to locate your lost mobile phone easily , that too on your own! Here you go, right after the jump.



Track Your Lost Apple iPhone Easily:

track lost iphone easily

In case you own one of those smartest Apple smartphones, the iPhone, you may consider yourself lucky. Apple has a dedicated iPhone tracking service known as Find My iPhone which lets you not only track your iPhone geographically, but also lets you send emergency messages to your iPhone right from your desktop. Also, if you feel that your iPhone has gotten into wrong hands and contains important data or information, you can perform a memory swipe remotely from your computer having active internet connection. The only condition for Find My iPhone to work is that you should have it activated on your iPhone and your iPhone’s location services are on. You don’t need to install any third-party application as you can find the Find My iPhone service in-built, under the iCloud settings page. Simply switch that option on along with the location services on your iPhone. You will need your Apple ID and Password to activate iCloud and then the Find My iPhone service.

To track down your iPhone, simply navigate to http://www.icloud.com and login with the same Apple ID and Password you used to access iCloud on your iPhone. Next, when the dock icons come up on the website, navigate to Find My iPhone option and that’s it. It will show you exact location of your iPhone on a map.

What if someone switches off the location services on your iPhone? Well, to prevent that from happening, you can use app lockers on your iPhone. When someone tries to open the Settings app, it will first ask for the password without which no body will be able to get access to any of the app on your iPhone. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, one such app is iProtect which is available for download in the Cydia App Store.

Track Your Lost Android Smartphone:

track lost android mobile

Android platform runs on a plethora of smartphones, so in case you use one of those Android smartphones, there are good chances that you will get your lost or stolen Android smartphone back. Though there is no inbuilt application from Google that helps you track your lost Android phone, you can download a much loved app for the same purpose, known as Where’s My Droid. It performs a function similar to the Find My iPhone app and sports a user-friendly interface which makes tracking your lost Android mobile phone much easier.

Where’s My Droid is a feature packed application, and in case your Android phone is lost you can change the ringer volume up and down. If you are not able to figure out the location of your phone using its ringer, it also provides you with exact co-ordinates along with the link to Google Maps to give you the most appropriate location of your device. The conditions being the same, it needs the GPS services to be switched on, on your Android mobile devices for proper functioning.

To track the device in case of emergency, there’s an online commander provided by the developers of this app which can be accessed at http://www.wheresmydroid.com .

Some of the additional features of this smartphone include Stealth mode, which hides the incoming text with secret word, notifies for change of SIM, and allows pass-code-protection from un-authorized users. Further, you can also use a land-line to activate this application on your Android mobile phone. You must have Android 2.2 or above to use this app on your smartphone.

[Download Where’s My Droid App]

Track Your Other Lost Mobile Phone:

Well, technically speaking, if you use a Nokia, or BlackBerry smartphone, or any other mobile device not running on Android or iOS platform, things become a bit tricky for you. You might search the web for tracking services, and you will come across hundreds of them claiming lost mobile phone tracking services. But technically speaking, none of them are able to locate your device accurately. I haven’t come across any of such app or website or any other online service which actually hits the bulls eye and locates your smartphone. Though, you can follow the following steps to investigate about your lost mobile phone, but these do not guarantee a perfect tracking of your mobile device.

1. Search The Web With Your Number:


There may be slight chances that the person who is using your phone is using the SIM as well. Although most of you would actually get your cellular connection deactivated as soon as you lose your mobile phone, it might lead you to your lost mobile phone. You can Google out your mobile number, and the results might lead to some other social information linked with your mobile number in case the person using your mobile phone and number enters the info to some social website or forum online.


2. Cell Phone Tracking Softwares:

track lost nokia mobile phone

In case you already have a tracking-software installed on your smartphone, you can try tracking it with lesser efforts. However, there are not much accurate and trusted applications which serve the purpose for BlackBerry and Nokia devices. There is an app for Nokia’s S60 series mobile-phones known as Phone Guardian which lets you track your lost Nokia mobile device. However, it is not really much accurate since it sends operator oriented location to the mobile number you entered in the app settings , and that too in the form of text message. You also get to have the SIM ID, IMSI no. and CELL ID details of the SIM used with your mobile device.

[Download Phone Guardian]


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