FutureMe.Org- A Nice Way To Leave Notes To Yourself In The Future

by admin on December 20, 2012

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While going through my Facebook news feed this evening, I came across a pretty cool service I wasn’t aware of before. It’s a website active for years now, and trust me, the service it provides will blow your mind away but not now, in the future specified by you. How cool it would be, if you wrote notes or emails to yourself which will be read by none other than you , but in future. For instance, you want to remind you about something, or want to see yourself changing and evolving over the years, the service is perfect for you. Here’s more, right after the jump below.



FutureMe.org is a cool online service where you can compose an email or call it note for yourself to be read in future. For instance, I can use FutureMe service and compose an email over there, and specify a future date. Now the website will schedule my message to be delivered to me, or the email address I provided initially, and deliver it in future. It’s a good service if you want to convey something to someone in the future, or even to yourself.

I just composed an email for myself which I scheduled to be delivered on December 20’th 2017. I’ll be amazed to read the notes I am leaving for myself, after five good years from now. So what are you planning to write to yourself? Thanks Raju PP for this wonderful share!

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