Leaked Microsoft’s Windows 8 RTM Photographs [Exclusive]

by admin on July 23, 2012

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Unlike Apple, Microsoft hasn’t really been that amazing at keeping their upcoming venture as a secret from general public. In the past we have seen many instances when Microsoft’s products or operating systems photographs start to penetrate across the web, killing the excitement of their public events. We are not going to talk about their security flaws in this post, rather we are here to show you some exclusive photographs of the upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 RTM which is expected to be released in the first week of August ‘2012.


windows 8 RTM

The year 2012 has been revolutionary for Microsoft since they first unveiled their first ever Tablet cum PC notebook, the Surface and now they are all set to unveil Windows 8 Operating System in October. The Release To Manufacture version of the Windows 8 OS is exact look alike of what we can expect from the actual Windows 8 OS in October this year. RTM is first of all sent to OEMs all over the world, to install it on various laptops and PCs to test the stability of Windows 8 since this is the final build before actual launch.

We have had our hands on the consumer preview as well as developer preview of Windows 8 OS in the past few months, and by looking at these leaked Windows 8 RTM photographs, we can conclude that Microsoft is still making little changes here and there before they can actually launch the OS for general public. First encountered by Winunleaked.info, the photographs were made viral by The Verge all over the internet. Some of the changes brought about in this RTM version of Windows 8 is that you can now specify colors for windows and taskbar. Redesigned buttons for IE10, new themes and a proper Windows boot screen logo are some other changes. Check them out for yourself below.

Leaked Windows 8 RTM Photographs

windows 8 leaked photos

windows 8-os-leaked RTM photos


windows 8 boot logo leaked


Windows 8 official release is scheduled for October 26 ‘2012, and we are eagerly waiting for it to hit the international markets. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

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