3 Jailbreak Tools For iPhone To Quickly Reply To SMS Messages

by admin on April 21, 2015

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We love shortcuts and tweaks when it comes to enhancing the efficiency of our favorite gadgets and devices, specially Apple iPhone in this case. At times you are in a hurry, and all you wish for is somehow you can respond to the SMS messages, iMessages or even WhatsApp messages quickly without actually waiting for the whole app to open up. Apparently Apple avoids adding such functionality to its native iOS which powers the iDevices including iPhone, but for sure jailbreaking does. Studies reveal that around 43% of the population owns an Apple iPhone. While buying an iPhone outright can be expensive, taking a loan to buy one is one method. Here’s a list of top 3 jailbreak tools for iPhone which lets you add quick-reply functionality to your iDevice, right after the jump below!



Top Three Jailbreak Tools For iPhone To Quickly Reply To SMS Messages

# ImmediateSend:


This is one of the latest jailbreak tweaks added to the Cydia App Store which lets you immediately reply to an on-going SMS or iMessage conversation.  The tweak has limited functionality, and supports only iMessage and SMS. The second tweak listed below will take care of on-going WhatsApp conversation as well. However, ImmediateSend has a small drawback. It automatically assumes that you know the content of the ongoing conversation, and just lets you reply to it without actually displaying to you the original message, but it can open the whole body of the conversation on request!

The tweak remains active on Home screen, Lock screen, Phone app and also on Contacts app. You can download ImmediateSend from BigBoss repo under Cydia App Store for $0.99.

# BiteSMS:


We found BiteSMS a bit more useful and advanced when it comes to providing you with quick-reply functionality. BiteSMS has been available for years now, but the tweak has simply improved over the years. It comes with a variety of options like instant-reply,instant-compose, schedule messages,auto retry, auto forward and much more. Also, BiteSMS is capable of producing delivery reports when you send out an SMS via it. The tool serves as an all time replacement for the in-built native SMS app present on Apple iPhone, and we loves using it for a while. For adding same functionality to WhatsApp messenger, you can download an extension from the developers of BiteSMS called QuickReply for WhatsApp.

You can download BiteSMS from the BigBoss repo under the Cydia App Store.


# QuickReply For SMS:

QuickReply for SMS-iphone-tweak

Now this is another interesting tweak coming right from the jailbreak community. QuickReply for SMS simply interacts with the inbuilt SMS app functionality on your iPhone, and enhancing it according to your needs. The latest version is also capable of displaying contact info along with the messages apart from letting you reply to an ongoing conversation instantly!

The tweak is available under the Cydia App Store for $2.99.

You can try any of these tools which lets you add quick-reply functionality to native SMS app on your iPhone. Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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