Few iPhone Headphone Functions You Should Know

by admin on August 17, 2012

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The beautiful white wire that comes with your iPhone or iPod Touch has much more than the two mini speakers for your ears. The highly prices in-ear-headphones, often known for their super amazing sound quality are capable of performing many other functions on your iPhone, and here are our favorite ones. Ever noticed the + and – buttons on the center mic of your iPhone headphones? There’s another button known as the center button which controls much of your iPhone activity! Here’s more, right after the jump.


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Apple iPhone in-ear-Headphone Functions:

# Capture photographs on your iPhone using the + button on your headphones, while the Camera app is open on your device. A similar function is assigned to the physical volume up button present on your iPhone as well. You need to have an iPhone running on iOS 5+ for this shortcut to work.

# Fast forward a particular song by double clicking the center button on your iPhone headphones while holding the second click continuously to seek to a particular time. Similarly, you can fast backward the song by triple clicking the center button and holding the third click continuously for a while.

# Switch to the next song in your iPhone library by double clicking the center button. Move to previous song by triple clicking the center button.

# Accept an incoming call by pressing the center button once. To disconnect an active call, press the center button again.

# To directly play a song anytime you want to, simply connect your headphones to your iPhone and press the center button once. It will resume the last played song on your iPhone.

# To switch to a call on waiting while another call is active on your iPhone, simply click the center button once. This will put the first call on hold and activate the second call.

# To end the second call, simply press the center button for around 2 seconds.

# To activate Siri on your iPhone 4S, simply press and hold the center button on your headphones until you see the Siri screen.


This was my list of most efficient functions of the in-ear-headphones that come along, with your Apple iPhone. Let us know your favorite function in the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

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