3 Reasons Why People Didn’t Like The Apple iPhone 5

by admin on September 15, 2012

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While Apple may be overwhelmed with the response they have received on the pre-booking of iPhone 5, there are people who didn’t like the iPhone 5, and trust me, they have their reasons! We conducted a poll asking people if they were doing to buy the Apple iPhone 5. Surprisingly, 61% of the people said that they were NOT going to buy the Apple iPhone 5, and here are their reasons for the same. Seems like the claimed thinnest phone of the world couldn’t really blow the mind away of majority of people. Here’s why, right after the jump.

3 Reasons Why People Didn’t Like Apple iPhone 5

# Too hyped to have a same design:

iphone 4s like iphone 5

Majority of people who didn’t like the Apple iPhone 5 , didn’t like it because of its same bar shaped design, with just an increment of length added to it. Well, that’s right! The Apple iPhone 5 is the most hyped smartphone of 2012, and a lot of expectations could be seen when it comes to the design of the device. With the prototypes showing extremely advanced technology, Apple still chose it’s good old bar-shaped design for its iPhone 5. The two-toned backplate didn’t really impress them much.

# No out-of-the-box feature/functionality:


Remember the time when Apple iPhone 4S was unveiled in October ‘2011. Well, it didn’t really had much difference in terms of design and looks when compared with Apple iPhone 4S, however it had some of the best features like the good old Siri, to ask from a smartphone. Unfortunately, Apple’s iPhone 5 specifically does not have a single out-of-the-box functionality or feature to die for. Everything different comes with the iOS 6 which will be also available for the iOS 6, so why to go for iPhone 5 when you get it on iPhone 4S? Your take!

# Different Accessories

iphone 5 lightning vs 30 pin cable

Now this came as a surprise to us. People seem to have developed a kind of affection towards Apple’s legacy accessories like the good old 30-pin charging cable. About 20% of the people who didn’t like the iPhone 5 preferred to use the old accessories. Earpods however have been seen as an item of interest by people.

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These are the reasons why people didn’t really like the much hyped iPhone 5. So are you going to buy an iPhone 5? Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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