5 Apple iPhone 5 Launch Event Facts Who Should Know

by admin on September 9, 2012

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Okay, so we are just a couple of days away from the media event that will supposedly bring to us, the much hyped and awaited phone of the year, Apple’s next generation iPhone, or the iPhone 5. While Apple has already started sending out media invites for its September 12 ‘2012 media event, we are busy making a roundup of what we know of the event, and the iPhone 5 specifically. So here’s our facts-book pointing out top 5 confirmed news relating to September 12 ‘2012 event, right after the jump.



Top 5 iPhone 5 Launch Event News

#5  iOS 6 Is Coming

ios 6 release confirmed

Well, most of you would already be aware of the fact that Apple’s next operating system for iDevice, the iOS 6 is on the verge of release, and with the iPhone 5 coming this week, we have a clear sense of iOS 6 coming along. To know what’s new with the iOS 6, you can read our iOS 6 In-depth review.

#4 New Line Of iPods


Recently we have been receiving reports about a new line of iPods to be released by Apple in its media event on September 12 ‘2012. While we have already published an article on stunning iPod Touch 5 in the past, reports confirm updates for other iPods in the line as well.

#3 Mini Charging Dock For iPhone

iphone 5 mini charger

We have been talking a lot about the mini charging-dock, Apple is going to introduce along with its iPhone 5. Apple’s iPhone 5 will feature a much smaller charging dock, and to make it compatible with your other iDevice accessories, a mini-charging dock connector will be released.

#2 New App Store Layout And Compatibility

iOS 6 app store update

Recently Apple was seen updating its iOS 6 beta app store with card type applications. Further, Apple is working towards making its app store and other iOS 6 apps compatible with a 4-inch display which the iPhone 5 will feature.

#1 No iPad Mini For September 12 ‘2012

ipad mini not coming

Unfortunately, we will not be witnessing any iPad Mini in the media event on September 12 ‘2012, as confirmed by sources close to Apple. Further, we are expecting Apple to announce its iPad Mini in a separate media event in September end or early October. So those who were waiting for iPad Mini to be unveiled in this event– you will have to wait!


So are you waiting for the iPhone 5 to be unveiled on September 12 ‘2012? Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed!

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