Apple iPhone 5 Mini Dock Connector Leaked On Official Apple Website

by admin on August 4, 2012

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We are back with the hottest topic of the techno world, yes the next generation iPhone by Apple, a.k.a Apple iPhone 5 as we love to call it. This will be the sixth generation of iPhone and is expected to hit the international markets anytime between September-October 2012.  Though, there has been no official press release regarding the same from Apple. In the last few months we have seen in-numerous reports and rumors relating to Apple’s iPhone 5. However, most of them have been shut because of no valid proof, or reason. One thing which still sustains is the report claiming release of a smaller charging port on Apple iPhone 5. Recent reports confirm that the next generation iPhone will be seen with a smaller charging port, and now we have a leak on Apple’s official website regarding the same.


Apple decided to include a smaller charging port in its next generation of iPhone. Now this creates a lot of troubles for earlier iPhone series as there are a lot of accessories and peripherals that depend on standard iPhone port for proper functioning. To avoid the mishap, Apple seems to have decided to launch a dock-connected that would be attached to the next gen iPhone to make it compatible with accessories of previous iPhone models.

Apple iPhone 5 Dock To Mini Dock Connector

iphone 5 mini dock connector

We are not really sure if Apple will be supplying the dock-connector within the iPhone 5 box, but today, a video has come up across the web where a person has claimed to witness the dock-connector for sale on official Apple website. The URL he cited now shows a 404 Error web-page, and it seems like either it was a leak, or an error from Apple’s servers. Blogger AWhiteDot is the one who witnessed it first on Apple’s official app store and the video and photographs published by him seems legitimate, so it is difficult to talk about genuineness of the video and pictures.


Well, there seems to be no reason why Apple wouldn’t have accidentally leaked these hot pieces on their official website, but this takes us a step ahead towards the existence and production of much awaited Apple iPhone 5. As per the video and photographs, the Dock Connector to Mini Dock Connector will be available in standard Black and White colors.

dock to mini dock connector iphone 5

Priced at $9.99 on official Apple website, as per the video, the dock connectors are being considered to be sold as hot-cakes, though we are still keeping our lips sealed on this news for now. So what do you think? Are these real or fake ones? Let us know your views via the comments section below. For more, keep subscribed.

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