A 30-Pin Dock Adapter Will Be Provided With Apple iPhone 5

by admin on July 24, 2012

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Back in February 2012, we heard rumors coming out from various technology blogs that the upcoming iPhone 5 will have a smaller charging port. The rumor which has grown solid with reports over the time is one of the m0st expected changes to be brought about in Apple iPhone 5. The problem was that no one knew what was to be done with in-numerous accessories for iPhones which depended on its standard charging dock? Well, seems like Apple has finally found a solution to this problem. Read below, right after the jump!



Recent reports from iMore claims that Apple will be providing dock adapters for their upcoming iPhone 5. The 19-pin to 30-pin adapter will come along with your Apple iPhone 5 and will help you use all those accessories which needed standard 30-pin charging port for working properly.

“While this seems like it should have been filed in the obvious drawer, because of all the questions we’ve been getting, and posts we’ve been seeing, iMore reached out to the original sources that gave us the new Dock connector story way back in February just to make doubly sure — and yes, there will be an adapter for the iPhone 5′s smaller dock connector that will let it work with many of the accessories designed for the old 30-pin Dock connector.”


We are expecting a with-box supply of these adapters, i.e the adapter would be included with your iPhone 5 package. Well, as always, we are also not sure if Apple iPhone 5 will actually sport a smaller charging port. Just wait and keep subscribed until we get our hands on some more information, only on Gadgec!

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